Yelloow Hair & Lashes

YELLOOW Clip-In Extensions have been a huge game changer for my beauty routine. As someone who has struggled with both baby fine and wavy/curly hair my whole life; I was always disappointed with how my hair looked. Endlessly comparing myself to bloggers and models and wanting a different look, for only $97, I finally found a way to easily upgrade my hair when I wanted.

YELLOOW’s keratin-infused strands are vegan-friendly and ethically sourced. Plus, they look, feel, and style just like human hair. Choose from a 10 Piece set of wefts or a clip-in ponytail for endless style options!

Their faux mink lashes are also vegan friendly and beautifully low maintenance! They are extremely high quality, better than MANY similar brands I’ve tried.

Shop from ten hairs colors and four lash types with my unique 10% OFF coupon code: Stacia10

Clip-In Extensions
Pony Extensions
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