I know… I know…. I’m like the worst blogger ever, but really I have been tragically busy. Even right now, I absolutely should not be on here. I have like 10 things on my to do list today. Including a 20 page project about my case study child, that really should have been completed like 5 days ago. But I’ve lost complete motivation to work this weekend, (that’s right I started this post on the weekend and it’s Tuesday and I still haven’t posted) but I’m stalling….

So, I am gonna back track and post a few blogs to catch everyone up. After my birthday I visited TX to go to the wedding of my good friend Crysti Wallace. But I first flew into Austin and visited one of my childhood bf’s (Jordan)and then we drove up to Dallas and went to the wedding together!!

Here’s are some pics of the night I spent in Austin…

More to come… I promise