Pokemon Birthday – Gotta Catch Em’ All

My littlest one turned six and asked for a Pokemon Birthday. If you played Pokemon Go in the last year few years, then you might have a clue about these little Pocket Monsters, but if not; it’s basically a fun anime style show about catching Pokemon, training them, and battling them against other Pokemon.

pokemon party
pokemon party

I do a birthday every other year for my kids. So, each year we have one party, but they they have to wait two years between them. I absolutely LOVE throwing parties. It brings me and my boys so much joy, so for as long as I can utilize this creative outlet, I will continue to do so. Click here, to see some of the past parties that I’ve thrown.

pokemon party
pokemon scavenger hunt
poke ball cake
I didn’t have a recipe or “template” for this cake. My LO had just said he wanted a poke ball. My front fondant was too heavy, and kept falling off, it looked so cute, the night before, but c’est la vie.
pokemon party bags

This year was no exception. As affordably as I can, I basically go all out. Because I like high end touches, without high end prices, I end up crafting and baking a lot more than most people are probably willing too. But I love it. The wind was insane, and we were waiting to see if it would rain up to the final hour. And the marshmallow fondant on this cake, gave me a run for my money, but we tweaked it all out in the final hours.

catch em all game
This was a fun game I put together, where kids tossed Pokeballs to “catch” the Pokemon.

Printables: Scavenger Hunt Icon ( I put my sheet together in Pages, please comment if you’d like me to email it, Pikachu and Goody Bags, Coloring Sheets and DIY Pokemon Cards
Cookie Recipe
Party goods: Plates and cups, pikachu balloons, poke balls with monster inside, piñata, pin the tail game
My Pin Board of Ideas
Beckham’s Pokemon Shirt

pokemon birthday
pikachu balloon
Happy 6th Birthday, my not so BABY BOY!

Distinction Magazine Shoot

Locally, I’m always trying to connect with new people. One of my girlfriends Sarah, is a Master networker and a great partner in crime when looking for anything fun to do or anyone new to meet.

Locally, she and I have gotten connected with the cutest party boutique ever called Jollity & Co in Norfolk, VA. They have both whole sale goods and a Party Room. We had the privilege of doing the cutest photo shoot with them, which was then featured in Distinction Magazine for their bridal issue. Seriously such an honor, and I am just obsessed with all the work that they put out. Check out some of the beautiful photos that they captured, and some of the ones that we took as well from that day.

Absolutely obsessed with these colors, decor, everything. Jollity is party perfection and I hope to doing many more shoots with them.

Our Super Quick Trip to Walt Disney World

In 2014, we went all out and took our kids to Disney for the first time. They were 1 and 3, and while it was a fantastically wonderful trip, they of course don’t remember a thing. 😂

My boys are currently 5 and 7, and I really, really, really wanted them to go to Disney when both the “magic” would still be alive and at an age, that they HOPEFULLY might actually remember the trip. This photo is my favorite, because it’s so perfectly Disney. Every parent who goes to Disney knows it’s going to be the highest highs and lowest lows that any human can experience; all within each 90 minute cycle of time. Lines, characters, photos, suspense, exhilaration, exhaustion, sugar, that’s Disney World.

Lion King Disney World

We stayed at the Art of Animation resort and while the rooms are small, the campus is fantastic. It’s considered the nicest of the “budget resorts” because it’s newer and has more pools, amenities, but having paid ALOT more money to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge last time, I would say it was totally worth it, and we’d recommend it to anyone. We didn’t take advantage of the pools, arcades and activities, but the property is one big photo shoot waiting to happen!

dole whip
The Famous Dole Whip – half the reason we go to Disney 🙂

We used CC points to stay at the Art of Animation and flew a ridiculously budget airline, so we could go for a super cheap 5 day trip, and it was totally worth it!! We previously purchased a meal plan, and while we didn’t this time, we also ate when we were hungry or wanted a treat, and still saved a ton of cash. I know it’s not always in the cards to be able to take a vacation, especially to Walt Disney World, but if you can make it happen, it’s so worth seeing the wonder in your children’s faces as they experience so many things for the first time. Until next time. XOXO

Tree of Life Animal Kingdom

Fourteen Amazing Gifts for February 14th

I love holidays. Growing up, we didn’t live extravagantly, but my mom always made holidays special, but buying little trinkets, candy and gifts that made each day feel special. I am passing those same “traditions” on to my own children, and Valentines while only one day, is such a fun holiday because it’s all about celebrating love!

This week, my seven year old son came home and told me about how he needed an empty tissue box. I replied to him, “for your Valentines box?” And he replied, “how did you know?” like I was a wizard or something. Our kids don’t realize that we’ve already lived their lives, and there’s so much magic and intrigue in passing down a tradition as simple as decorating your Valentines card box.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite finds for next week. Finding joy in the little moments are some of the best ways to be present and live a life that makes your heart fill full! Because it is LAST MINUTE, this gift guide is only filled with Amazon items. Amazon is my go to retailer when I’m in a time pinch. So, you definitely will be able to get what you need in time.

for her (or since women do most of the shopping) for you 😂

  1. Heart Sweater: the heart sweater trend is all over Instagram and it’s just fun. This sweater is affordable and comes in several colors!

2. Pink and white striped pajamas: Stripes are my absolute favorite, and these come in short sleeve or long sleeve sets. I truly believe, cute pajamas sets help you sleep better, because matching sets just make sense!

3. Red Heart Sweatshirt : This super simple sweatshirt is the perfect way to celebrate a cute Valentines party with your friends!

4. Heart Sunnies in Red and Pink: These are a personal favorite and can be worn for a ton of occasions beyond Valentines!

for the kiddos

6. Ready to Decorate Valentines Boxes: If you want to take a quick shortcut for the box decorating, these come with stickers, ready to go for a quick afternoon craft! My boys’ are Star Wars obsessed, but they come in several varieties.

7. Girls’ Heart and Stripe Jammies: These are just adorable, and I wish they came in my size, because I would buy them!

8. Best Friend’s Tees: I don’t want to preclude adults from wearing these, because I would totally sport these, but when I was in my tween and teen years, these shirts would have been A DREAM COME TRUE for me and a BFF.

9. Little Boys Heartbreaker Tee: Being a boy mom, I love boy fashion and these would be adorable for Valentines.

10. Little Boys Dinosaur VDay Tee: Both of my boys are obsessed with Dinos and would think this was hilarious!

for him

11. You complete me avocado mug: Almost all the men in your life probably drink coffee. This mug is funny enough, that they might actually use it in front of their friends!

12. Ultimate V-Day Snack Basket: Let’s be honest, snacks are the way to all men’s heart, so if you want to do it right, this is the probably the best gift money can buy.

13. His and Her Mugs: Matching is basically my favorite and this mug combo is best because it doesn’t include “I like his beard” like most of the sets and gives your man a little ego boost.

14. Best Husband Ever Key Chain: This is the kind of gift that your man would definitely sport on his keychain, and while it’s simple; everyone will be able to see how awesome your man is!

I hope you guys love these ideas and find them super useful, as you pick up a few items for Valentines next week.

xx- Stacia

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