Pajamas to put you in the Christmas Spirit

Christmas pajamas are a huge tradition in our house. Every year on Christmas Eve my kids get new Christmas jammies. Sometimes we match as a family, sometimes we don’t, but Christmas jammies are a must! What’s funny is just a few years ago in 2012, it was nearly impossible to find matching pajamas, for a whole family, at a traditional retailer. I searched high and low for something cute and ended up finally finding some at Gymboree. My how the times have changed. 😂

I know lots of you like to jump on the Christmas pajama train too, which is why I’ve collected some of my fav Christmas pajama finds to share with you. This is a collection of female pajamas that I would love to have, but the sets from Target, Walmart and Old Navy have family pairs to match if your heart desires. You definitely don’t want to wait too close to the holidays to purchase. Tell me in the comments if your family jumps on the Christmas pajama train too.


target family matching pajamas
target family matching pajamas

Old Navy

old navy christmas pajamas
old navy christmas pajamas


Nordstrom christmas pajamas
Nordstrom christmas pajamas


abercrombie pajamas
abercrombie pajamas

J. Crew

j crew pajamas
j crew pajamas


Walmart family pajamas
Walmart family pajamas

Holiday 2019 Gift Guides

I absolutely love giving gifts. I always have, and I hope I always will. I love listening to people talk over the course of months and hearing them say little things they’d love to have, or what they want to buy, and then buying it for them. I love snagging a good deal. And today, I love that I’m sharing some of these things with all of you!

I’m not going crazy with gift guides, because I know there are about 978 other bloggers releasing their suggestions this week. But I thought I’d release a few things that are really meaningful to me. Stuff, I’m 100% ACTUALLY BUYING for me and my people, and my kids.

Every photo is shoppable. JUST CLICK THE PHOTO, and it will take you to the item. Thanks so much for checking these out. They take way more time than you’d expect, but I’m honored to share them with you.

my Christmas wish list this year

Puffer Fur Jacker Christmas Jammies AirPod Pro DryBar Dry Shampoo IT CC Cream White Converse Mac Lipstick Cognac Circle Purse Starbucks Gift Card SnowBoots Kristen Ess Hair Straightener GM Over the Knee Boots

I am not one to splurge on myself at all, so at Christmas, I really try to ask for things that I know I will love for years to come. I still have so many valuable boots, shoes, bags, purses, makeup and hair tools from Christmas’ past! I like to share a wish list of things I’d love, that way my people know they have a ton of options to pick from, it’s still a bit of a surprise which makes it fun. These are some of the things I’m asking for this year! Oh I can’t forget these Sole Society boots I’ve been pining over too.

gift guides for boys ages 5-9

Switch Lite Zelda Dragon Quest Builders Nerf Gun The Last Kids on Earth Book Series Lego People Pack Lego Marvel Set Electric Razoe Really Rad Robot Deluxe Magic Set

These are the real requests of my two boys ages 6 and 8. The Switch Lite is a win for parents, it’s basically a modern day GameBoy, but with each game having any where from 10-200 hours in ad free play, it get kids away from those freaking terrible casino style games, where they are begging to buy add ons from the App Store, or stops them from wasting time on YouTube. Games like Zelda use tons of strategy and problem solving skills. And if your kids are into Minecraft, Zombies, or Survival Stuff, the linked book series is a game changer. They are the first chapter books my 8 year old has ever been ACTUALLY interested in reading, which is a total win!

gift guide for the guys in your life

badger brush Weekend Bag Mens Sweater All Birds Jamaican Blue Mtn Coffee Marble Shaving Bowl Art of Shaving Cream Game Controller Layrite Hair Pomade charging dock AirPod Pro Mens Fashion Hoodie Supply Single Edge Razor

At least half of these items are the real wish list of my husband. The razor I shared is something he’s been drooling over. Jamaican Blue Mountain is one of the rarest and most expensive whole bean coffees you can buy, and a fan favorite. And supposedly All Birds are the world’s most comfortable shoe!

gift guide for all the fabulous women you love

Faux Sherpa Jacket Faux LV Mini Handbag Pink Blue blockers Starbucks Gift card The Best Dry Shampoo DIY Nail Dip Set Lounge Pants Essie Holiday Nail Set Matching BFF necklaces Mac Lipstick Personalized Name Necklace

Here are some really cute and feminine things under $50, most are under $25 for any special girl friends in your life. The DIY dip mani is a fun gift to buy, the name necklace is something I’ve been personally drooling over! And this dry bar dry shampoo (in colada scent) will literally save someone’s life. And that might be the best gift ever!

If you end up purchasing anything, let me know in the comments below OR tag me on social media in your stories @staciamikele. Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping

XOXO- Hugs, Stacia

Have You Tried Blue Light Blocking Glasses ?

My eyes have been killing me lately. My eyes have been more fatigued than ever these past few years, and especially months. I still have 20/20 vision, but they get blurry at night and bother me sometimes. With every new iPhone that we get, it’s constantly blasting more light at our faces. With all the work I do personally with my business Media Swoon, and micro influencing locally I’m on my phone WAYYYY too much.

what are blue blockers?

If you’re not familiar with what they are, or why you need them. Our eyes are constantly taking in light, UV light from outside, but also light from our devices and electronics. Blue light has the tendency to cause eye fatigue more, and our devices show a lot of it. You can of course use night mode if you have an iPhone, and you definitely should be, but blue light blocking glasses help to block some of the light around us period, so that are eyes can relax more and have less strain. Sadly, one of the biggest health concerns of millennials is going to be eye related, some people are predicting, cataracts, blindness and a host of eye health issues from too much screen time.

I’ve been on and off wearing “blue blockers” for the last few years, but I’m on a new streak to be super committed to wearing them, especially if I’m working. I’ve bought several pairs over the years, but rounded up some of the cutest ones I could find. Some I’ve bought and loyally wear, and other ones I’m totally crushing on and need to have! Check them out, and tell me in the comments if you wear blue blockers or if you’re planning to start.

best blue blocker options

Just click any item to shop.

Spektrum is a fantastic brand, full quality and under $50, I own these and love them.
Amazon for the win, these ones are pictured above, under $20 and chic too!
Clear rims and super trendy, grab these for $30
The ever beloved Warby Parker brand isn’t as cost friendly, but it’s a brand you can rely on, knowing the quality is top notch!
Perfectly feminine and under $20, these are a winner!
If you’re on a budget these are under $10, but will definitely still cut down on a blue light and eye strain. Too cheap not to try!

If you’ve been considering snagging a pair, please do! This is great stocking stuffer for your friends and family too. Your eyes will thank you.

Pokemon Birthday – Gotta Catch Em’ All

My littlest one turned six and asked for a Pokemon Birthday. If you played Pokemon Go in the last year few years, then you might have a clue about these little Pocket Monsters, but if not; it’s basically a fun anime style show about catching Pokemon, training them, and battling them against other Pokemon.

pokemon party
pokemon party

I do a birthday every other year for my kids. So, each year we have one party, but they they have to wait two years between them. I absolutely LOVE throwing parties. It brings me and my boys so much joy, so for as long as I can utilize this creative outlet, I will continue to do so. Click here, to see some of the past parties that I’ve thrown.

pokemon party
poke ball cake

I didn’t have a recipe or “template” for this cake. My LO had just said he wanted a poke ball. My front fondant was too heavy, and kept falling off, it looked so cute, the night before, but c’est la vie.

This year was no exception. As affordably as I can, I basically go all out. Because I like high end touches, without high end prices, I end up crafting and baking a lot more than most people are probably willing too. But I love it. The wind was insane, and we were waiting to see if it would rain up to the final hour. And the marshmallow fondant on this cake, gave me a run for my money, but we tweaked it all out in the final hours.

catch em all game
This was a fun game I put together, where kids tossed Pokeballs to “catch” the Pokemon.

Printables: Scavenger Hunt Icon ( I put my sheet together in Pages, please comment if you’d like me to email it, Pikachu and Goody Bags, Coloring Sheets and DIY Pokemon Cards
Cookie Recipe
Party goods: Plates and cups, pikachu balloons, poke balls with monster inside, piñata, pin the tail game
My Pin Board of Ideas
Beckham’s Pokemon Shirt

pokemon birthday
pikachu balloon
Happy 6th Birthday, my not so BABY BOY!

Distinction Magazine Shoot

Locally, I’m always trying to connect with new people. One of my girlfriends Sarah, is a Master networker and a great partner in crime when looking for anything fun to do or anyone new to meet.

Locally, she and I have gotten connected with the cutest party boutique ever called Jollity & Co in Norfolk, VA. They have both whole sale goods and a Party Room. We had the privilege of doing the cutest photo shoot with them, which was then featured in Distinction Magazine for their bridal issue. Seriously such an honor, and I am just obsessed with all the work that they put out. Check out some of the beautiful photos that they captured, and some of the ones that we took as well from that day.

Absolutely obsessed with these colors, decor, everything. Jollity is party perfection and I hope to doing many more shoots with them.