I just posted a series on Instagram of Mother’s Day Brunch Hosting Ideas, and honestly it was too good to not share to my blog. It’s so easy to want to pull together a cute little soiree for family or friends, but in reality it’s complicated. Or rather it can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be, which is why I’m sharing a few 🔥🔥🔥 ideas that are really not that complicated.

So, check out these 4 Mother’s Day Brunch Hosting Ideas and if you implement any, please comment and tell me all about it.

One ~ Spray Rose or Carnation Ice

mothers day brunch

If you’ve been on the “hosting” side of Instagram or TikTok, you might have seen how popular flower ice is and I love the idea in all its forms. But this version is the most attainable one I’ve seen. Because the buds of carnations and spray roses are much smaller, they fit into a regular ice tray. So you don’t have to stuff balloons or buy specialty ice molds to make this happen. It’s low effort, and high impact. I have been doing this on repeat with both flowers and fruit and this idea is a winner. You can shop my drink container and everything else right here.

Two ~ Blood Orange Mimosas

blood orange mimosa

Who doesn’t love a mimosa? And if you’re alcohol free, sub sparkling water and this still works.
For this amazing twist on a traditional mimosa…Just add Pellegrino blood orange sparkling soda or this Trader Joe’s Italian blood orange sparkling soda option . And seriously, you’ve just done the best thing you could ever imagine to help your mimosa stand out. I personally won’t be going back to plain OJ.

Three ~ Lemon Curd Cream Puffs

lemon curd cream puff

Now on to an insanely high impact, low effort treat. Lemon curd cream puffs

Now on to the lemon curd cream puffs. These are honestly so easy, but will have people thinking you’re a French baker. 

You’ll need:
• Frozen puff pastry
• Jarred lemon curd 
• Heavy whipping cream – powdered sugar and almond extract to make fresh whipped cream. If you’re not a fan of almond extract (tastes kind of like wedding cake or maraschino cherries, then sub vanilla)
-Thaw your puff pastry and cut into shapes, bake according to package instructions.
-Put your lemon curd into a piping bag if you want the dotted effect or just spread with a knife.
– Use a hand mixer to make your cream, and then add to a baggie or pastry bag if you want the dotted effect, or just apply with a butter knife, it will still look great. 
-Sprinkle pastries with powdered sugar through a sifter, or by hand. 
– Layer and serve, and they are beautiful. These are pretty tart, so if you’re not into lemon, you could sub melted chocolate, cherry compote, any jam, or fruit mixture, that adds color or flavor.

Four ~ Wine Bottle Ice Mold

wine bottle ice mold

This wine bottle ice mold is super easy to do (not as easy as the rose ice cubes I just shared), but still pretty easy. 😏

It takes about 20 minutes to fill with fruit and flowers and then you freeze overnight. And then you have a gorgeous centerpiece for your next party, brunch or gathering. 

You could easily use for any type of glass bottle that you want to keep chilled, not just wine. But it’s a really lovely touch to a Mother’s Day Brunch, or any get together.

Mother’s Day or any holiday is a great excuse to host

Of course, you don’t need it to be Mother’s Day to host a brunch. Start that book club. Have those friends over. Hang the twinkle lights and sit outside during the summer months. Hosting doesn’t take much. I mean flowers and good drinks go a long way, but more than anything, it’s just about inviting.

People are looking to be invited.

People are looking to be included.

And you can be the one to do that for them. On Mother’s Day or any holiday, you can be the one. Happy Hosting!