Holidays are always more fun with kids. I think this is in part why I surround myself with children, because you have an excuse to do cheesy stuff like dye eggs or put fake grass in a basket and eat candy. I actually did dye some eggs, with the help of my in-laws (while my husband sat out and laughed at me). He won’t be laughing in a few years when the children we have demand that he participate as well.
Well, today I got to tell the kids I teach at The Rock Church, that while I LOVE me a good Easter Egg Hunt and some dyed eggs, my favorite part of Easter is the Resurrection. The Blessed Hope of our salvation and the reason that I live with Hope. And the reason they can live with hope too, puts things in perspective a bit. (Though I’m not gonna lie we do still pass out candy at the end of service), they’re kids what can I say?
But it’s fun!