Ok, so everyone pretty much knows that Jake and I now believe we have two children in the form of our cats. So, I have to post a few classic pics that have occurred as of recent.

The first is my cats in the bathtub. Which isn’t that big of a deal except that they got in while I was still in the shower (well Emily gets partially in, Charlie stays in between the two curtains) because he’s not quite the daredevil that Emily is. And here you have it folks, cats that actually like baths.

Can you see Emily playing with the water dripping from the faucet??

And in the next picture, we have a classic “where is Emily story?”. It happened like this. Me: Jake can you see Emily? I can’t find her. Jake: Nope, she hasn’t been out here (in the livingroom). So, I get up and start looking and what do I find?

Let’s zoom in on that.

That’s right she’s crashed out on top of the clothes, at the top of our closet and probably been up there for like an hour. 🙂

Did I mention that we had to put child locks on all our kitchen cabinets because Emily figured out how to lay on her back and open them. Ya, we did.

In other news. I turned in my 40 page science project today. I have a 30 page one for Social Studies due tomorrow. And my 50+ page literacy one next week. And then I’ll actually have a life again. For now!