So, I know I’m going back in time here, but I never blogged about leaving San Diego. Perhaps because I didn’t want too, perhaps because I was too busy, maybe a little of both.

We were actually ready to leave. I think God purposely made the weather really crap for all of 2010 to help shoo us away. It worked. 🙂 But it was still sad, the last week was filled with saying goodbye to friends like every night of the week.

We had to say goodbye to our small group from church. It was sad cause we really had JUST started building good friendships there, but they sent us off with well wishes.

I know I barely even mentioned it to anyone, but we actually did go to the Happiest Place on Earth 2 days before we left. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so Woody looks less than desirable on the iphone, but we had lots of fun!

Jake got an awesome achievement award at work the day before we left. It was the last time with his shop in San Diego, but great to leave on a high!

We had to take one last pic.

After that it was road. This is Emmy in her road bed on top of all our luggage. The cats actually did awesome in the car, by awesome I mean they slept for 5 days 🙂

This was the first photo I took literally as soon I got out of the car, the sun was setting it was beautiful.
But since then I feel like it’s been junk everywhere.

I hate to call my things junk, but seriously this pile sat on the floor for a week, until I moved it to….. another spot on the floor of course. We are actually like 80% settled in, but there are still just piles like this in a few places.

Luckily, this specific pile has now found a home. And really most everything is starting to find a home. I guess that’s just what it takes… A few weeks or maybe months or maybe years to call some place home. So, with that said I say…
Goodbye San Diego, XO, it was fun, but I’m on to my next adventure…

Painting. 🙂