So, I know some of you might be thinking. Hello, you’ve been living in your new house for almost 2 months now, where are some photos.
And that’s a good question. Up to this point, I haven’t posted any because our house is nowhere near done. Part of the reason we’re nowhere near done is because we went from 850 sq ft. to 2600 sq. ft and we had nothing and another reason is because it takes $$$ to create a something out of nothing.
Not that we don’t have any $$$, we do and we have actually spent alot, I know we paid Home Depot’s light bill last month. But as first time home buyers we qualified for the tax credit this year and we have been irritably patiently waiting for it to come. A package from the IRS did come… Actually 4 weeks ago. It came to tell us we didn’t sign some paperwork. Not exactly the envelope I was hoping for… so we signed sent it off and started waiting again. But, we’re trying to be good… So, instead of spending our savings or using credit we want to use the tax credit. However, since the waiting game seems to have no end. And even when we do have our tax credit, things won’t come together over night. I’ve decided to show you where we’re at so far. And then I will also be able to do before and afters when all is said and done. Plus, in my waiting I’ve started some other projects. More on that later.
So, here is our place. Our in the middle place…

Cute, but no color..

Second view…

We might be missing a rug here folks…

Attack of the color brown. The chairs are like, “can I have some pillows please?”

I think there should be a couch there. Right?

Usually people have a coffee table and side tables with a couch right?
Don’t look at those books still on the floor. They are waiting for a shelf, they don’t want to be judged. 😛

So, that’s only a few rooms, but I will post the other ones soon. Along with, a kitchen project we’ve started on… Stay tuned. And pray for our tax credit to come. Seriously, it couldn’t hurt. 🙂