I had made mention in some previous posts, that I have some projects in the works and I definitely do… The first one I will tell you about is my kitchen. Here we have a hunk of brown called cabinets….

And here we have some more…. When we first visited the house, we both agreed that the kitchen was not the highlight. The space was used poorly, the kitchen was very long, with nothing but linoleum to show for it. From first sight we knew we were putting in an island….

And now viola! Just kidding, I wish. This is my goal for end results. I actually snagged this picture from Our Humble Abode after reading one of her older posts on painting her kitchen white.

I literally, wrote to her right away to get some advice and within less than 24 hours had gone to Home Depot and gotten all the supplies needed to beautify my kitchen. I was taking off the cabinets, before I even took “before” pics.

I only asked my hubby to help paint the cabinets white, but after showing him a few pics. He was sold on changing the countertops. We had seen a cheap way doing granite pieces that fit together on a few DIY shows and decided, at some point soon. We’ll do that too.

So, we’ve been painting in all our spare time. And we are actually done, but waiting til after our vacation next week to put the doors back on.
I will go more in depth on how we did this on a later post.
As I just mentioned, we are vacationing in Iowa next week for a family reunion, but I’ll be back in action soon enough. Peace and Paint!