Awhile back I blogged about how we got a new camera to take better pictures of our baby, family and the years to come.

Well, Jake totally took to the instruction booklet with more vengeance than myself. I know how to use the auto feature and that’s about it. I told Jake I wanted to try and take a few “pretty pictures of me being pregnant” and he was totally up for the challenge. As mentioned in that previous post, if you spend enough $ on a purchase, it can easily cross over into the “man toy” category as this purchase did.

Anyway, after I mentioned this to Jake, he totally tried to start spotting places that would be a good backdrop for photos. I knew I wanted to take a few at home, but we ended up at the local apple orchard near our house. After asking a few local neighbors, we got the OK to shoot and had a lot of fun.

This was the day before 35 weeks, so I know I have a huge round belly, but I still have a few weeks to go.