I uploaded Keaton’s nursery onto Project Nursery. A design site that I got loads of inspiration from in my early stages of planning. I was even on the front page for a wee bit when I first uploaded it.

This is a website that if the topic interests you– you could literally waste hours clicking through each post seeing each person’s own creativity. So, here is the link to “Keaton’s Cool Space” and of course you don’t have to vote, but you can if you wanna. 🙂

While, I totally love the room that I created for him, I find that it’s rather simple compared to many of the other nurseries on there, and yet that’s kind of what I love about it too. I don’t know what toys or books or things he’ll like, so why crowd his room with such things until I know. A few more things have yet to be added, but that’s the jist– Being done, reminds me how close his arrival truly is.

Enjoy and Lots of Nursery Love!