I love to throw parties…. And I’m pretty sure it’s always been this way.
As a child, my birthday party was the highlight of my year. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but my mother still indulged me in this way….
Watermelon birthday theme when I was 7. Chuck E Cheese with all my friends at the age of 15. The Skating rink at 16. Lisa Frank, Sleepovers and the like….

My mother isn’t much of a baker, but I remember try to figure out ways to make cookies and cakes in the microwave even when I was like 6 or 7…. if I only knew about mug cake then, Ha.  My attempts were always rock hard. As soon as I became a teen and started baking on my own, my love for party throwing grew all the more, because in my opinion food=love and now I had something to share.

The only thing is, rarely do people in their 20’s have big birthday parties. Occasionally but not on the regular and Jake loathes his birthday. So, my opportunities have been limited. I jumped at the chance several times to throw bridal showers, but I must say this baby train I jumped on, is a good one for parties…

The age I find myself at, easily lends itself to regular baby showers.  And Keaton’s first birthday is already gleaming in my mind. I know party planning is not for everyone. Some people even think the types of things I do for just one day or event is ridiculous, but not me.
I find such fulfillment in making someone’s day special. It’s worth all the pressure, and last minute baking.

Needless to say my bf here in Jersey and I are throwing a baby shower in just a few weeks. I can’t wait to share….

I’m not “Hostess with the Mostess” or anything, but we have a few fun things up our sleeves. All that to say, I like this stage of life. I know it will be short-lived and passing quickly, but for now. I’m soaking it all in. 🙂

Some people get paid to do this… HA