Yesterday was my first mother’s day and a time to reflect on how much I love being a mom and how much more I probably could have done for my own mother growing up (especially on Mother’s Day).

Right now Keaton is just the perfect age, (not that other stages won’t be great), but he knows me and loves me and just laughs and plays with us all day long- no complaining, no saying “no”, no temper tantrums (well actually there’s been one), but you get my drift.

I know this stage has to end– and I know God makes this stage to help you fall more in love with your little one, so your bond now can carry you through the “terrible twos. But I wish it could last forever.

Yesterday was a great day with Husby and baby bringing me some breakfast in bed (it was oatmeal, as noted in my what I can eat post) which isn’t very special, but I didn’t make it, so I’ll take it! They also got me a few wonderful gifts (thanks to and some ideas I had put there). And we ate Mexican for lunch, my favorite.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there. You are seen. You are loved. You are doing a good job!