So, as you all know Jake and I bought this house knowing we’d one day have to sell it (Coast Guard life). When we moved in, the house was move in ready, but also builder basic. So, we’ve been upgrading it along the way. We’ve been upgrading it first for ourselves, because we love a good Do It Yourself project to keep us busy, and we want to be proud of where we live. But also because we know one day soon when we move out, we need to be able to sell this baby. So, they always say if you’re gonna put money in the house, put it in the kitchen, and so we have.

We have lived here officially for 2 years last month, and we have been upgrading the kitchen since the beginning.

-We brought in an island
-Painted the cabinets
-Tiled the floor
-Changed the lighting
In February we had modular granite installed for a great deal from a local company
And in June we finally finished off our kitchen redo when Jake and his dad put in white subway tile as the backsplash.

While we’d love to change the appliances, we know that’s not a smart investment, since we can’t take them with us, and they work great. So here you have it, the complete before and after pics.

Before and After of our Kitchen

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