After we got our modular granite put in in February, we knew we would install our own backsplash, but we wanted to wait for J’s dad to join. He is the DIY guru and also a perfectionist, so we wait for him if we want an unknown job done right the first time.

However, the task was much easier than anticipated. Lay down your mortar, arrange your subway tiles with spacers as desired (renting a wetsaw and cutting some of the edge pieces was definitely the most tedious part). Apply tiles, wait for them to set. Add grout in the cracks and clean to sparkle.

The bulk of the project took about 3 hours. The tile setting and then grout application was done after. But it was so cool to feel like the job was done (from the looks of it) in such a short time. Here are some pictures.

Waiting for the tiles to set until we grout

And presto, looks good!