At 11 months
I know my baby boy is actually almost a year now, but we are on vacation in Italy visiting family and appropriately timed blog posts were low on the priority list, but we couldn’t skip it altogether.
My boy, my boy- my how you’ve changed.

– You are one of the most excited babies I have ever seen. So full of life, almost anything can get you so happy you’re bouncing and shrieking with delight.

– You have a funny little personality, everything you do is  done with great passion, but not in a stubborn sense, you are a people pleaser, so your ultimate goal is to make everyone adore you.

– You have a new obsession, bird watching. You discovered it in the NJ parking lots of Target and Home Depot as the seagulls circled above.  🙂  Now anywhere we see a bird you point and wave, and say ” bird- y”. Obsessed I say.

– You are testing your physical limits all the time, but still no walking. Which mom loves, cause for now you still love to be held by her.

-You are starting to cuddle and nuzzle a bit, so sweet.

-Your vocabulary is ever increasing. You have some animal noises down pat too.

– You love daddy more. Done with nursing now, means dad is the bees-knees. Your favorite word and person are both dada.

– You are such a good baby!! Up for any adventure as long as theirs food.

– You are definitely a boy. Cars, trucks, growling, and “vroom” sounds are among your favorite things to do and play with.

– You have 9 teeth, and 3 molars to chew up all that grown up food you love.

– You are still a magnet for allergies, but your zest for life doesn’t let that stop you. Praying some start to pass, but your overall “itchiness” is vastly improved, so we are believing you will get better.

– Wonder would be the best word to describe you. Your sense of awe and wonder at the world around you is so intense, we can’t help, but see the joy and magnitude of God’s creation for the first time too.

We love you little K!!!

See, that boy loves life!