My oh my… my little man isn’t so little anymore. Just take a peak.

1 month.

12 months.
Ok seriously, how big does he look?

I know, big.

But for real, this month has been interesting. We just came back from 3 weeks in Europe and you have been sick for what feels like FOREVER. Needless, to say you’ve been a bit of a grump, or at the very least a mama’s boy.

– However, you are funny. Like you literally laugh when we are laughing, because you have a sense of humor. Class clown anyone?

– On the plane back from Italy, I realized you knew all your farm animal sounds. 9 hours in close proximity, reveal these things to you. You can say them if I ask, with no prompting. Cow, duck, sheep, dog, kitty, and horse.

– You started using your baby signs!!! YAY!!! You say eat, more, and all done correctly. The light clicked over night.

-You are a total parrot. “what is it” being one of your favs. Also, “woah”, “oh no”, “uh oh” and “no, no, no” always said in 3’s when I say no to you, or when I yell at the cats. LOL You try to imitate everything. You also say “Say-cia” & so much more.

-You love attention. But you don’t like performing on command. And sometimes you pretend to be shy. That makes for an interesting combination.

-You still eat everything in sight. And you are still allergic to everything. You now try to consume said items off the floor. 🙂

– You have like zero interest in taking real steps. You will furniture walk for hours, but if I make you take a step, you will shrug me off, and try to crawl. That being said, I have forced you to take a few steps between things. But you have like 0 desire.

-You totally get that you’re cute. And I kind of feel like you’re already manipulating me with it. 🙂

– You have been sleeping past 8am, since we got back from Italy. Literally, every day this lasts, I am thanking God!!!

-You LOVE toy cars. You will sit and zoom them around for like an hour, without me even having to play with you. You say vroom and have them crash. Total BOY, I say.

– If it’s possible. You might be even more OBSESSED with birds. I don’t know why or how, but you love them. I taught you that birds say tweet, tweet. But you ON YOUR OWN picked up that the Seagulls say, “caw caw”. So, now when I say anything about birds or you see one, you passionately SCREAM “caw caw” and point to the sky.

– You are inquisitive, smart and give appropriate facial expressions in timely places. You are so alive, and full of life. Grumpy, self centered, and throw mini tantrums when things don’t go your way for one minute. You are trouble. But you are my love!