We had K’s first birthday party. A super fun cardboard box party. Unfortunately Mister K was not in his happiest moods. You can tell by his first and last pics that despite my best efforts smiles weren’t easy to come by. 🙂
Because I was busy holding mister moody pants. I barely got any photos. But there were some super cool creations. Including a 7 ft rocket, I didn’t get a picture of. It was still a great, beautiful fall day to celebrate my boy’s first year!

Inspiration for the party came last year when I read a featured party in Parents magazine. Also favorite books while teaching were “Not a Box” and “Not a stick”, so once I decided what we wanted to do, there were tons of resources on the internet. We had such a fun time getting ready for Keaton’s big day. And he seriously played in the ball pit everyday for like 3 weeks before.

Here’s the day before his bday. The house is quiet and Keaton had snuck into his ball pit (again) right before bedtime. 🙂