I’ve talked about this before on my blog. And I’m not discouraged or sad, just overwhelmed. The state and decline of our world, the access we have to information and knowledge is wonderful, but it can also be a wicked killer when you find out the truth.

What am I talking about????

1. FOOD: I know all the healthy mama’s are with me on this one. But seriously.
Organic, GMO’s, Monsanto, Meat and animal Conditions, Allergies. This one is a killer. (Literally). The amount of information that’s out there is encouraging, because it means we have access to the truth. But the fact that we are in this mess to begin with is such plain sad and overwhelming.
— In a way I have always cared about food, for 10+ years when my friends went to McDonalds I got a a grilled chicken sandwich no mayonnaise and water (instead of coke). When you are 16 this says something. I have mostly avoided the meat at Taco Bell since my teen years as well, after I read an article once that they used Grade D meat.

Even in my quest for healthy food, how could I have known the condition of corn and soy, rice, wheat, and so many other vegetables. How even when you are eating food that is seemingly good compared to most Americans, that you might still be eating something that will kill you.

The other day a friend posted on facebook, That a little more than 100 years ago, all food was organic. Not only was there not processed junk, but pesticide use was hardly in play. How can we have fallen SOOOO far in such a short amount of time??? Well, I know how, it’s at the expense of the almighty $$$$$$. But still.

So, now we buy some of our meat from a local farmer and we have switched to many organic produce products, and we’ve switched to all organic dairy (except cheese which is outrageous $). But that’s not even the end of the argument. Then you find out that Organic Milk is ultra- pasteurized killing every possible live, good thing about it, pasteurized even more than regular milk and the only milk that has any real redeeming value is raw, which is illegal in NJ.

Ok, so I will stop there because this topic could go on forever…….

Spank, don’t spank. Does positive reinforcement work better with an 18 month year who will look you straight in the eye and say NO when you tell him not to do something. Then smile because he knows he’s being a stinker….
Ya, that’s my kid. What about when you tell him not to touch the cat food 15 times a day, and he constantly does anyway, literally running over to it, to pour their food into their water bowl. Can we say waste of money Keaton?? We buy quality cat food people.
…Running everywhere he goes, knowingly does naughty things, then says no-no to himself when he does it.
I could go on about how fun he is to, but those things don’t make me feel quite so overwhelmed. 🙂

Taking all the wipes out. 🙂

Should I eat this? Am I giving my new baby food allergies by eating this? Can I labor naturally? Can I have a VBAC? Will they even let me? Will I be overdue again? Don’t even get me started on my high blood pressure which ONLY occurs at the OB-GYN office. Checked everyday at home and under 120/80, ususally under 120/70, but not when I go there. The list goes on.

4. MY JOB:
My boss just moved to North Carolina to get married. She has not been replaced. Need I say more? Ok, you get the picture.

I could go on, the government, living green, antibiotics, money, gun control, church, social media, pinterest, laundry….

But I digress….
Needless to say, you only have so many places to put your energy, your time, your love.
And most days are good, but in the back of mind something always seems to be reeling….

So, what do you do?
Most days, I just repeatedly quote.
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition with thanks present your request before the Lord. Then the peace that passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Amen. (My paraphrase)