So, our previous home owners, must have had a plan for a mantle they started, but they never got around to finishing it. When we moved in, the baseboards were cut open several inches on each side, and the tile they had put up, was unfinished around the edges. Since we moved in we wanted to do something about it, but you can’t do every project at once. So, we’ve waited…

We himmed and hawed over whether we would construct a mantle from scratch or buy a kit. In the end Jake surprised me and came home with a kit one day and boy were we glad we did, because we ended up having to do A LOT of work to the tile to make it fit.

It was one of those we can get this done on the weekend projects that turned into….Hopefully this will be done in the next 3 weeks. Eek


Basically when we set out the mantle, we realized with the size of the tile, the mantle would be HUGE, like awkwardly large. We had no choice, but to cut out the tile (no small project) to make a normal sized mantle.  As we cut out the tile, it took out portions of the drywall which then had to be replaced. Once the wall was smooth and clean and painted, we finally got to put the mantle trim up.

See below for the finished product. (I know my candle holders need candles) 🙂
We think it looks pretty good!