My little bundle of
joy , I mean energy. I mean both of course! 🙂
You are so fun. I know people often say 18 months to 2 years is the best time in the little years, and I tend to have to agree.
So much so, that I don’t really want to go back to the newborn stage.
I mean you can feed yourself, talk, play, laugh and entertain yourself while I clean the kitchen. But alas a little brother is coming,  so in the mean time I celebrate all the fun things you are right now.

-You finally have come to understand showing love, you want to hug everything especially if its little and/or a baby. You do this cute little with your hands where you put them out and say “hug?” You now hug the characters in your books, your stuffed animals, you try to hug our kitties all day long (for some reason they don’t respond) and anything small like you.

– You are talking up a storm.
It’s a daily occurrence for me to be surprised by a word you’ve said, but you also constantly are saying groups of words, “ready, set, go”, or counting “one, two, three”, “where go or where kitty go”, you can tell us pretty simply what you want to eat and (of course you have an opinion). When we ask a question you’ll say “umm… wait a second and then answer yes or no”. You walk around saying the abc’s and its so cute, you can only go til like j in order then they get all random.

– You are starting to recognize colors, though the only one you have consistently is yellow, but anything yellow you point out all day long.

– You ask for your books by name and you always try to sneak in a few more for bedtime.

– You are definitely “boy” with your love for all things trucks, cars, animals, and rough and tumble, but you LOVE to cook too, as you see mommy and daddy do it all day long. You can sometimes “cook” for an hour ( I think a nice wooden kitchen is in your birthday future).

– You are Mr. Personality with tons of facial expressions, eye rolls, pretend bashfulness and conversation to go along with it. You can certainly entertain some adults for a good long period of time.

– Some days we think how fun you are and are so happy just to be with you, the next day is usually filled with clinginess, tantrums, and obstinance, because you are definitely one obstinate child. Daddy blames me for that one. 🙂 But we take the good with the bad, because all together it makes you!
Our little guy, how we love you!

(Playing some peek a boo– You picked this hat yourself at the store and love to wear it)!!

All clothes supplied via Target! This is why mom’s are in trouble there. 🙂