So if you’re still visiting… I know I’m like the worst blogger ever. Maybe one day I will be good again. But I’m not quitting cause I love documenting our life, and even though I’ve really slowed down on my efficiency, I still want to be able to keep a record of our memories.

With the impending arrival of Baby Stall #2. I will be 9 months, 36 weeks on Wednesday. We moved Keaton out of the nursery and into his “big boy room”. Now, granted he’s still in a crib, so it’s not that big. But the theme is much less “babyish” and he has a car table, so it’s big to him.
What’s crazy is when I tell him to go to his room. He immediately knows what room I’m talking about and he has for weeks. It’s almost like he forgot that he lived in the “nursery” for the first year and a half of his life. And honestly with the way a “baby’s” memory works he really might not remember.

He is truly becoming such a “big boy”. It makes me sad, but he’s also SOOOO fun right now too, that I am trying to celebrate where we are, instead of lamenting what was. He held a toad yesterday, and wants to go “toad hunting” with Dad everyday. He has 3, 4, and 5 word combos and can at least say one word about most situations that he’s in. He repeats everything we say, and has even started to become somewhat sneaky and manipulative, saying he’s going to do one thing, with a plan for something else already in his head. But he’s also becoming such a sweetheart, he wants to give mommy and daddy kisses all the time. And hug every moving thing in site (including the toad and our cats). Neither seem to reciprocate the feeling. I have no idea why. 🙂 He knows he’s gonna be a “big brudder” so a big boy room is only fitting for my first and oldest boy.

I really love this room more than his nursery, because of the colors, and I just think it’s more fun to decorate a kids room. There are still a few things to add, but here’s the gist. 🙂

A little gallery wall made by mom. Including the chevron painting inspired by MOPS friend and blogger.

Here is our new bedding. An absolute total steal from PB kids, like 75+% off.

Some old nursery decor made just for Keaton made the move…

Along with some old friends…

And here is a new friends only for big boys. Meet “Roar”… He is hideous, but Keaton loves him, so I do too.

I love creating special spaces for my kids that they love. I hope this inspires you to do the same. For purchasing questions, just inquire.
Lots of love and happy decorating!