A few posts back. I posted about Keaton’s big boy room.
When Beckham was born he moved into Keaton’s old nursery.
However, Keaton took a lot of the things we made just for him with him to his new room. So, Beckham got a few things to make the nursery extra special just for him.

Here it is…

 Keaton’s wood art came down, and Beckham’s name went up. Sorry I didn’t edit these photos and there are weird shadows. 🙁

 The new theme is kind of flying things, after I found a super cool wooden airplane at Home Goods, seen below. So, I saw a tutorial for this on pinterest and we made our own.

View of the whole room. B got a new crib, cause Keaton took his with him.

 Our much loved book wall from Ikea picture displays.

The wooden side table that Jake made from an actual log from a walnut tree. I’ve had this for a while, but it wasn’t posted in my original room posts. Which you can see here, if you want to see the differences.

I love spaces for Tiny People. In my life after kids, I will work for Land of Nod. Yes, please!