This kid is so cool. The other day I walk into the play room, and he had put his beanie on, and pulled the blanket over him. He says, “I have my hat on”. And he was just chillin’ there. Really? Love it, so I had to take a photo!

So, this particular post is completely 100% for myself and Jake, and hopefully you get a kick out of it too. You see, that show “Kids Say the Darndest Things” was on to something, because my “just turned 2 year old” is so funny (at least to us) which is why I am documenting just a few of those things.

His most famous common phrases in the last month.
“Mom, I need a candy.”
“Mom, I  think I need a marca” (marshmallow)
“Mom, I need some chocolate” or better yet, “Mmm, chocolate”

Is anyone noticing a trend here? Yes, my child was most recently been introduced to candy (thank you his birthday and halloween) and he has been commonly known to say one of these phrases when you go to get him out of his bed in the morning!

The other day, Jake was pushing his little hiney upstairs for bed and he didn’t want to go. And I quote, “Daddy, don’t push me. Thas not nice!” **misspelled on purpose

His imaginative play when talking to his animals is great. He told our baby doll, “ok baby, you don’t hit, be gentle ok.” (* He hasn’t heard that a million times or anything).

We recently had bought cookie butter from Trader Joes, and we let Keaton try just a little bit. He kept saying, “mmm, I like this almond butter.” Sorry kid that’s not almond butter. Which he’s also tried to the reply of,  “I don’t like it.”  And I’m not surprised because he’s comparing it to cookie butter.  🙂

I’ve previously mentioned his love for the use of “I know” when you should say yes. But tonight when doing our bedtime routine. After praying, I always tell him he’s my special boy.
Tonight I said, “Are you my special boy? “I know.”
Followed by, “Are you my boyfriend?  “I know.” and it’s just so sweet!

Ok last one, his general use of “thank you, you’re welcome and I’m sorry” is hilarious across the board. But when we punish him, he’s quick to reconcile, immediately saying “thank you mommy, kiss”.  I’m not sure that’s the most common reply. But we’ll take it for now.

There’s a million more, and I’ll have to write them down again!