Beckham at 5 months mommy likes to call you Stinkbutt.
It’s true what can I say? Because you have been a little stinker lately. But a lot has happened for you in the last few weeks.
-Namely, you got your bottom 2 teeth, hence the “stinker problems” (right after you turned 5 months just like your brother too).
-You started moving all about. Even though you’ve been able to roll since 3 months, you started doing it every time we lay you down. And a couple times you’ve gone from back to front, but you haven’t mastered it yet.
-You started (FINALLY) putting weight on your legs for longer periods of time too.
-And you say “mama” all the time. Now, I know that is just a sound new babies make, blah, blah, blah. But you (just like your brother) use it appropriately when I walk away and you start crying or when you want something…
I feel like even though you are hitting some of the same milestones as your brother around the same times, that you are just way more baby-ish. It’s hard to describe, but you just have a lot more need for mom and dad.
-Still no food really. Though we’ve let you put some stuff in your mouth. You want it REALLY bad, but haven’t quite mastered swallowing front to back successfully, which tells me you’re not quite ready.
-Since 4 months (as mentioned before), your face eczema has really flared up. Which is weird because that’s about exactly the same time your brothers did, I actually left these photos unedited, so I could remember what those red cheeks really looked like. They don’t look awful here, but if you’re drooling all over and a hot mess about something, they can be much worse.
-You have really had a hard time sleeping lately  (I guess I blame the teeth) so we are about to try sleep training round 2,  because everyone needs sleep, especially YOU (you’re a growing boy).
-You are such a sweet boy and I wish so badly I had a little more time just to devote to you, because when you get quality alone time, you just light up… you love it so much.
-No doggin’ on your brother, cause you love him too. Actually you like LOVE HIM! But he has a lot of personality, and he’s always trying to overshadow you #2ndkidproblems.
Me and you are actually taking a little trip alone next month, so that will be fun for you to gets lots of attention. You will love it, I’m sure!

All in all, I probably compare you to your brother WAY too much, but you’re holding your own, and becoming your own little man. Everyday is more lively than the last with your excited screeches, and book reading, belly laughs, and playtime with daddy. In some ways I know I want you to grow up a bit faster (because it’s easier for me), but in another way, I’m glad you’re moving slow. Cause you’re the baby and we love it!

Not the greatest photo, but it just shows how LONG you are. You were 27 1/2 inches as 5 months. That’s about how tall your brother was at 9 months. Woah.

We love you Mister Becks.