If you read my last post, then you already know alot about Beckham at 6 months, but I will tell you a few more things.
He’s an early talker. He clearly says mama and associates it with me. He says the sound dada too.
He knows the baby sign for milk and starts laughing or fussing.
He’s quite serious at times, and other times screeching, screaming and talking for hours.
He has been seriously impeded physically by us covering his hands all the time, but with his eczema chilling a bit, we’ve already seen him trying to do a bit more, including a little shuffling activity for the first time today.
He really didn’t start eating until about a week after 6 months, and then he would literally start freaking out if he saw you putting food in your mouth without giving him some.  We’ve still been quite slow to jump on the food train, with everything else going on, but Beckham definitely wants to be on the food train.
He’s still a terrible sleeper, but we’ve pretty much got him only waking once to eat at 2am. And then up at 6am for another bottle and right back down. Some consider that a morning wake up and a nap, we consider that a night feeding until it’s 7am.  🙂
Beckham loves being held, books, our cats, food, milk, and his mama and dada!
He reminds me so much of Keaton, in so many ways, except the way they look. I hope this means they’ll be the best of friends. 

 That’s his blank, I’m scratching leave me alone please stare.  🙂

That’s our little Bub. We love you Becks! Daddy says he might actually like baby’s again since the big change. 6 months was a doozy, but 7 is right around the corner and we can’t wait to see you grow.