On the day I took B’s 7 month photos. Someone was totally jealous that their photo wasn’t being taken. 🙂 So, I let him jump in front of the camera for a few pics. This is his innocent face.

He said, “I want to take some pictures with Beckham” So, I agreed (this lasted about 1 minute). And here is how it went down.
Keaton says, “Hey Beckham”

“I’m gonna give Beckham a kiss on the hand”

Followed of course by a small punch to the face.

And then the full body headslam. Keaton legitimately asks Beckham everyday, “Beckham, do you wanna ‘westle’ ?” Apparently that whole, “He’s too little conversation hasn’t quite sunk in yet.”

And now this post is perfectly ended, with Keaton’s “naughty eyes”. When he’s doing something bad, he glances over at us from the side of his eyes. I actually told him, do your naughty face when I took this… He knows….

He does love his brother though!