Beckham at 11 months is so good! He is a happy little fellow. He wasn’t the easiest baby per se, but since about 7 months, when he finally started  sleeping 12 hours through the night. Everything about his demeanor changed. He is genuinely happy ALL THE TIME. He is so different than Keaton, and yet Keaton is his role model in all things.

I find Beckham’s personality more difficult to explain, but it is clear in my head. He is more than anything a happy, cuddly boy. He wants to do everything his brother does. I wouldn’t call him crazy or super adventurous in his own right, but because Keaton is doing things, he’s definitely more adventerous than K was at 11 months, because he wants to hang with the big dogs. No baby toys for him, he’s gotta keep up.

-Beckham loves to eat. My kids just literally want to see how expensive they can possibly make groceries in a single week, and they are awesome at it. The other day, they literally ate a 12 oz container of  organic blueberries in one setting between the two of them (it was supposed to last the week). They are 1 and 2 people!

-B LOVES to clap, he started clapping around 8 months, and it’s still one of his favorite things to do, I feel like he really likes music and dancing as well (more than K).

-He does shuffle crawl (if he has too), but mostly he prefers to stand, cruise or walk (with a tiny bit of assistance).

-Beckham is super close to walking, he can easily walk to whatever  he wants with only one of our fingers holding ONE of his hands, but if I try to take that single finger away, he will literally throw a fit. I thought he might be walking by 11 months, because he’s been at this stage for a while and is really daring in his cruising from furniture to furniture with no assistance, but he’s not. And honestly, walking is not some fete that makes your mom life easier, so it’s all good.

-He mostly loves to stand, cruise and bounce ALL day long.

-Before he was working so hard on his mobility skills. He was hard at work on a few words, mama, dada (old news), cat and (Kea) for Keaton, he would also say hi (if I kept prompting). But now he will mostly only wave, though he is a friendly boy, everyone gets a dimply smile if they try!

-Sadly, his eczema is still out of control, worse than Keaton’s at 11 months, and he’s definitely allergic to strawberries, he does have some of the same issue as Keaton, but different (because his experiences have been different, but the genetics are obviously still at play).

-I think the best way to describe Beckham though is sweet. I feel like he’s a gentle soul. But he’s only 11 months, so I’ll let you know when the toddler months get into full swing.
All in all, we love this perfect little addition to our fam!

As soon as I set the little stinker down, he flipped around and stood up on the chair, the toddler years begin. So, I had to include this one.

Here he’s telling you, “this is my monkey…George”

Happy Boy!

As soon as I tried to have him pose with the basket, he wanted to show his wall walking skills.

When I actually made him stop and put him in the basket. I got this… I honestly love it, even that pitiful face is so precious to me. “Mom, I was playing…Wah!”

We love you Mister B.