Right now this app Time Hop is really popular. It shows you photos from exactly one year ago, so you can enjoy your own little Time Hop.
Well, Beckham turned 11 months 5 days ago, so we took photos and as we did. I realized I hadn’t posted his 9 month photos or 10 month photos and they were all sitting side by side on my camera, and talk about a time hop.

I cannot believe how much he has changed. He’s losing his baby-ness. He’s had a haircut. And literally it happened in like a month, because he was chilling in the baby stage for quite awhile.
If you’ve read my blog for any length of time. You know I did the monthly posts for Keaton and fully intended on doing them for Beckham, but since I can barely remember what we ate for dinner last night, I’m not going to try and make up details about B’s 9th and 10th month. Instead I’m just gonna show you how cute he was. Beckham if you’re reading this one day in the future (or maybe your future wife). I’m really sorry and I really do love you to pieces, despite my faithfulness in not talking about your awesomeness as a baby.

9 month little man

10 months (not too happy about our photo shoot, NO smiles for mama)

And this last photo is just too hilarious because Keaton was throwing an outright tantrum that I was only taking pictures of Beckham, so he had to come pose in his pajamas. Holding the basket like Beckham. I laughed about this all day. 😀

Love you B, you are growing up to be quite the boy!