It’s finally Harvest Time. And we have definitely already had some fall fun. We made homemade caramel apples. We went to several pumpkin patches. And had our small group over for Halloween to go trick or treating; because we have a really family friendly neighborhood that is perfect for trick or treating.

I didn’t grow up trick or treating because of my conservative Christian upbringing, and I know a lot of people who are Christians that have mixed feelings about celebrating Halloween, but we have just decided for this season in our lives, that we will enjoy the simplicity and fun of it.

Dressing up in costume is like the most fun ever.  I’m so happy with the decision we’ve made to celebrate Halloween. I mean how cute is my little man dressed up as Daniel Tiger??    P.S. if you are a preschool mom and your kids don’t watch that show, it’s a must. My favorite age appropriate show.