That day when you look over at your kids and go “woah, how did that happen?” That was this day. It might have been the way they were sitting, or that they were sharing an app on my iPhone… but literally Beckham looked almost as big as Keaton and neither one of them looked like babies.

 Now, Beckham’s behavior today proved he is INDEED still a baby. But on this day, he didn’t seem so.  Of course Mother’s can always think of their kids as their “baby”, but the reality is that actual season of life is a very, very small one.

 The Orange Rethink Company has a lot of great blogs and thoughts on the preciousness of parenting young kids and appreciating the moments and the impact you have in this season. They suggest having a jar filled with marbles for every week you have until your kids high school graduation, and then removing one marble each week to remind you of your “window of impact”. Such a visual reminder is great, because even though time passes fast, I want to try my bestest to enjoy each season that I’m in and influence them as much as I can. Because these pictures, (while they don’t contain any babies) still show my young, small, innocent children, and I know it will not be that way forever. But for now it is….