In 2014, we went all out and took our kids to Walt Disney World for the first time. They were 1 and 3, and while it was a fantastically wonderful trip, they of course don’t remember a thing. 😂
This was my second time going to Walt Disney World with kids and while less extravagant, it was great on a budget.

My boys are currently 5 and 7, and I really, really, really wanted them to go to Walt Disney World when both the “magic” would still be alive and at an age, that they HOPEFULLY might actually remember the trip. This photo is my favorite, because it’s so perfectly Disney. Every parent who goes to Disney knows it’s going to be the highest highs and lowest lows that any human can experience; all within each 90 minute cycle of time. Lines, characters, photos, suspense, exhilaration, exhaustion, sugar, that’s Disney World.

Lion King Disney World

Budget Disney Hotels are still worth it

We stayed at the Art of Animation resort and while the rooms are small, the campus is fantastic. It’s considered the nicest of the “budget resorts” because it’s newer and has more pools, amenities, etc. We paid ALOT more money to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge last time. While I would say it was totally worth it, and we’d recommend it to anyone. A budget hotel like Art of Animation, might be the way to go. We didn’t even really take advantage of the pools, arcades and activities, but the property is one big photo shoot waiting to happen!

dole whip
The Famous Dole Whip – half the reason we go to Disney 🙂

We used credit card points to stay at the Art of Animation and we flew a ridiculously budget airline. All so we could go for a super cheap 5 day trip, and it was totally worth it!! We previously purchased a meal plan, and while we didn’t this time, we also ate when we were hungry or wanted a treat, and still saved a ton of cash. I know it’s not always in the cards to be able to take a vacation, especially to Walt Disney World, but if you can make it happen, it’s so worth seeing the wonder in your children’s faces as they experience so many things for the first time. Until next time. XOXO

Tree of Life Animal Kingdom