My littlest one turned six and asked for a Pokemon Birthday. If you played Pokemon Go in the last year few years, then you might have a clue about these little Pocket Monsters, but if not; it’s basically a fun anime style show about catching Pokemon, training them, and battling them against other Pokemon.

pokemon party

I do a birthday every other year for my kids. So, each year we have one party, but they they have to wait two years between them. I absolutely LOVE throwing parties. It brings me and my boys so much joy, so for as long as I can utilize this creative outlet, I will continue to do so. Click here, to see some of the past parties that I’ve thrown.

pokemon party
poke ball cake

I didn’t have a recipe or “template” for this cake. My LO had just said he wanted a poke ball. My front fondant was too heavy, and kept falling off, it looked so cute, the night before, but c’est la vie.

This year was no exception. As affordably as I can, I basically go all out. Because I like high end touches, without high end prices, I end up crafting and baking a lot more than most people are probably willing too. But I love it. The wind was insane, and we were waiting to see if it would rain up to the final hour. And the marshmallow fondant on this cake, gave me a run for my money, but we tweaked it all out in the final hours.

catch em all game
This was a fun game I put together, where kids tossed Pokeballs to “catch” the Pokemon.

Printables: Scavenger Hunt Icon ( I put my sheet together in Pages, please comment if you’d like me to email it, Pikachu and Goody Bags, Coloring Sheets and DIY Pokemon Cards
Cookie Recipe
Party goods: Plates and cups, pikachu balloons, poke balls with monster inside, piñata, pin the tail game
My Pin Board of Ideas
Beckham’s Pokemon Shirt

pokemon birthday
pikachu balloon
Happy 6th Birthday, my not so BABY BOY!