Everyday Makeup Items

Anyone that knows me well, know I am a serious budget shopper. I love sales, coupon codes, and waiting for a beloved item to finally go on sale. I am also what a lot of people call “crunchy” and I generally purchase organic or green products. The one exception to that for me, is makeup. When it comes to makeup, I buy what works, and I buy what I love. We all have to indulge somewhere, and this is my somewhere.

I have created everyday makeup looks many times in my stories on Instagram or Facebook, but I finally created an IGTV, so that you guys can take a peak any time you’d like! You can find it here.

I am not a super heavy make up person, but as I’ve gotten older 🙊, I have started to add more layers to what I wear, because let’s be honest, it takes work to keep a youthful glow.


In my prep section, there are 3 products.

Eyes and Brows


  • IT CC Cream – With SPF 50, a tiny bit matte for me, but I love the color and SPF. I wear Fair Light
  • Tarte Shape Tape Concealer – I use this for under my eyes
  • Tarte Park Avenue Princess – Bronzer and Contour Palette. This is my go to, for my whole face, I use it under my eyes, as my eyeshadow, and as my contour, for nose and cheeks.
  • Nars Blush– super popular color Orgasm, used by many.
  • Tarte Highlighter and Blush– if I’m getting extra fancy, I use this shimmer highlighter on my cheek bones or the corner of my eyes


So, there you have it. This is the EXTRA SUPER COMPLETE version, of all the products I own.
At bare minimum I use: It CC Cream, Contour Palette and Mascara and Brows, but of course you can mix things up any way you like. Here’s a photo from my IGTV, if you watch it, comment and let me know!

XO- Stacia

everyday makeup look

I do get a very small monetary commission if you purchase a product through a link that I’ve created. Thanks for making it possible for me to share awesome stuff with you!