What to get for dad? …

  1. Phillips Norelco clippers, with over 12,000 positive reviews. These are sure to please!

  2. Dad Joke Tee, if your dad has dad jokes, this tee shirt is legit perfect!

  3. CAT brand sneakers. Tough enough to step on a nail, but without the look of work boots.

  4. Apple AirPods, this is the cheapest I’ve seen the first generation ones, for only $129, but if you want to splurge, the AirPods Pro are noise cancelling, and you can get foam tips, so they fit any ear size! Perfect for dads (or moms) who need a break from the noise!

  5. Apple Watch Series 5. There are a ton reason to have an Apple Watch, fitness and health tracking, ping to find your phone, discreetly dismiss calls, walkie talkie functions, keep time, track your heart health, get calendar notifications, haptic feedback for when using maps, Siri commands and more. At only $329, its a fantastic gift if your budget can support it.

  6. The Art of Shaving, some of the best straight razors and shave cream, now sold at Target too. It’s a bigger investment up front, but saves tons of cash in the long term compared to disposable razors.

  7. Foot and Calf Massager. On your feet all day? This massager is amazing, it supports heart health, as it increases blood flow. Also relieves aching feet, or sore muscles.

  8. Nerf Rival is the newest in the evolution of Nerf Gun products. Most men are actually just really big kids, so this toy is sure to please, and then they can play with the kids. It’s a win-win.

  9. Dad Mug, this is actually as big is someone’s head, which might be the accurate amount of coffee needed for Fatherhood. Check out this one too!

  10. Personalized Keychain with photo, all news dads would love this gift, as a sweet way to show off the babes they love most.

  11. Tempur-Pedic Cooling Pillow. If your man gets hot at night, this pillow will solve all your problems. It’s a little $ but totally worth it.

Have some other great gift ideas for dads?? Drop them in the comments below, so everyone can benefit.

Happy Father’s Day to all the “dadas”, “daddys”, “papas” and more!

Father with child at the beach