This one turns 7 today. 💗🙈
This has actually been a really hard year for us. This little social guy thrives in school, and cried when he found out in March that we weren’t going back. We are very similar and so much time together, has put us at odds, wayyyy more times than I’m happy to admit. 
He loves to be busy, and a distinctively mischievous streak comes out when he isn’t occupied enough. Not the easiest thing to manage in a pandemic, when nothing is open, and your mom is trying to work from home. 😭
But there’s this magical thing in motherhood, called bedtime. 
It’s magical for two reasons, 
1.) your children go to bed 😆
But 2.) its called pillow talk. Where all the pretenses, and hurt feelings, and pride and even at times stubborn disobedience just fade away, and all that’s left is the putty that your kids are in your hands, when they open their hearts to you. When they finally show their vulnerability and allow you to impress truth upon them. Maybe you experience this another way, but this is when it occurs for us, and it makes everything ok. And in those moments, every good and sweet thing pours out like a healing balm, giving me strength to do it again the next day.
7 years ago today, at 7:01 am, I had this WHITE blonde beautiful boy at home! And he has made my life so full. Loved me so fully, shared so openly, and I’m sad to say happy birthday, because that means he’s one year closer to no longer being my baby. But I will cherish every moment until that day comes.