I don’t know about you guys, but I truly do NOT splurge on myself all that often. Yes, I have a few high end beauty products that I love to buy quarterly. Yes, I keep my hair colored regularly. But I don’t get manicures, I hardly get pedicures. I don’t get massages. I don’t go to the chiropractor. I don’t have a gym membership. I have no name brand purses. Heck, I still have a hard time paying full price for an item for myself, even one I love. And the 3 times I had Botox, it was for my birthday present. So, needless to say, I really appreciate when people purchase gifts for me. This is just one of the many reasons I love Christmas.

Santa Please Help

I, of course, also love giving Christmas presents, but receiving them is huge part of the fun! My birthday is in November, and Christmas falls just a month later, so that means, I have to put out all my gift wishes out into the Universe in these two months, and hope that maybe “Santa” brings me an overpriced pair of jeans or boots, that I’ve been hoping for all year. 😆

Maybe you or your spouse splurge on yourself all the time, and you are solely focused on giving at Christmas time, OR maybe your story is like mine and you love that you can finally get a few nice things at Christmas. IF your story is like mine, the first gift guide I made is really perfect for you. I rounded up, my most favorite items that I actually own and use all the time, that I’d buy again in a hot minute, and give tacit endorsements too. That way if you can only pick a few things, you know these ones have two thumbs up from me!!

The Favorite Gifts I Already Own

Holiday Gift Guide. Items I love and own

My Gift Wish List

Next up, I’m sharing some of the things that I’ve had on my wish list this year. These are the things I’m asking for. They just happen to double as a super comprehensive list as great gift ideas for women in their 30’s. So, if you’re looking for a gift idea, then you’re at the right place. All of these items, or similar ones are classic products that the girl in your life would love to own. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a Target, Ulta or Starbucks gift card. Every girl loves spa services, getting her hair done, or the ever coveted laser hair removal treatment. It’s ok to splurge on the people you love!

2020 gift guide for her

Urban Outfitters Hat in Cream

Agolde Riley Jeans (Shatter)- use code FALL2020 for 20% off or only $129 here at Nordstrom

Clothes Steamer

Olaplaex Holiday Set

Made by Mary Necklace – all their jewelry is gorgeous

Agolde Distressed Shorts

Amazon Tiered Bathroom Organizer

Sperry Duck Boots – sold by Amazon Fashion

Kate Spade Apple Watch Band

AE Tartan Plaid Pajamas (Top, Shorts), Abercrombie also has a cute set, and Target!

Minnetonka Slip On Loafers

Steve Madden Black Troopa Combat Boots – I would love Doc Marten’s, but not sure if the super chunky look will stay in style, and this look is similar but plays it safe.

What are you hoping for this year? Tell me in the comments below.