Men generally fall into one of two categories. Category one, they buy nothing for themselves, wear clothes from a decade ago, and barely realize when new thing just show up in their closet. Category two, buy everything they could ever want for themselves, lack for nothing, need nothing and own everything. Both categories can be frustrating to buy for, and obviously require different gift giving approaches, but both can be equally fun to shop for.

Below I’ve shared some gift ideas and stocking stuffers for the guys in your life. I’d love for you shop some of my links if something inspires you. Or if you still feel stumped, then comment below or send me a DM, and we will help you find the perfect gift.

Gift Ideas for Guys

Gift ideas for the guys in your life 2020.

Outdoors Men

Obviously men fall into different categories of interest. It’s hard to cover everyone in one gift guide, but here’s my best attempt. So, if you have an outdoors men or a sporty guy. Consider one of these gifts.

Yeti BackPack Cooler– With all the perfection of the Yeti brand, but in backpack form, perfect for a camping trip or day at the beach.

Handheld Percussion Massager– There’s a ton of these flooding the market. I have a high quality one attached from Hyperice, but I will link a cheaper one as well. Reviews says it’s a perfect way to speed up recovery after working out.

Kuhl Pants – the perfect pant for the outdoorsmen that needs tougher fabric and lots of pockets.

Elko Knife – Compact and gorgeous looking. It comes in a variety of colors like pink, so maybe you can get one to match.

Foodie and Coffee Lovers

8 Piece Magnetic Knife Set

One Touch Soda Stream– If you drink soda, this is the way to go. It’s healthier, cheaper, and easy to make sparkling soda too. Make sure to get the updated version that portions out the CO2 automatically.

Delonghi Automatic Espresso Maker – or shop via Amazon -Makes Espresso, Iced Coffee and More. It’s like Starbucks at home.

Delonghi Automatic Espresso Maker (Older Version) – Love this one, ease of use is amazing if you drink espresso.

Rancilio Espresso Maker (NOT AUTOMATIC) for coffee snobs that like to time and weigh things, and get a lot of Crema

Coffee Grinders – Best Overall and Budget Option Hand Grinder for Traveling, Camping and More.

Gamer Guys

Whether your favorite guys love board games or video games, here’s a great rundown of what to buy.

Super Mario Monopoly – video games and board games collide in this one.

Arcadia Quest – This will open up a whole new world of board games for the DND or strategy game lover. With tons of expansion packs, this is a game that teens and gamers will love for years to come.

Exploding Kittens – perfect for the whole family, and a must have in your gamer repertoire

Harry Potter Edition Luxury Chess Set – Harry Potter fans will love this one.

Massaging Gamer Chair

Scuf Controller – Speciality Customized Gaming Controllers for the ultimate gamer, this is a great gift.

Play Station 5 – if you didn’t already get one of these, you missed the boat since Sony says they are now completely sold out, but you definitely can print off an IOU for next year, when more will be released.

Nintendo Switch– if you have kids, this is the perfect way to get dad and kids playing games together. Mario Party and Mario Kart are family favs.

Guys who love style

Wool and Prince– their wool dress shirt, can be worn 100 days without washing

Bluffworks – Indestructable Dress Pants that don’t wrinkle

High Style Cardigans and Blazers from Amazon Fashion- Check Sizes or Size Up – Here and Here and Here and Here

J Crew Tartan Tie

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

Double Lined Glass Espresso Mugs

Portable Espresso Maker – Great for camping, work, and more


World’s Tiniest Rubik’s Cube – for the ultimate puzzle lover.

Classically Trained Gamer Tee

May the Force Be With You Mask – from Stance, sold out so linked a similar one.

5G and Radiation Blocking Underwear– Protect your Testerone and Reproductive Abilities – read up on this, it’s a real thing. Or this brand.

2020 Dumpster Fire Tee

100 Things to Do After Quarantine Scratch Off Board

Camo Mask Pack

Customizable Apple Watch Band or the Silicone Apple Band Customized

Hank’s Sauce – a family favorite – try the Cilanktro

The Art of Shaving – Shaving Cream, for men that like to use a Badger Brush and Bowl

Have any other great gift ideas for your guy? Share them in the comments below.

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