Being in my mid-30’s with school aged kids now, I have really come to understand the value of super positive, and strong female relationships. Women that have your back, that have walked the same hard paths of motherhood, of moving away from family, of balancing careers and home life. So, many of my friends are at different places in their romantic relationships and value their romantic relationships differently than they did in their young 20s. Sadly, many of them are no longer with their spouse, or (because we live near a military community), their spouses are often gone anyway, and it makes Valentines different than it once might have been celebrated. Which is why I firmly believe everyone should have a huge Galentines party each and every year.

Girls Love To Be Girly

Let’s be honest, most hubbies and boyfriends aren’t REALLY going to be giddy about flowers, chocolates, gummy candies in the shapes of X’s and O’s, champagne, heart lattes and balloons, but the girls in your life, they will literally swoon. So, celebrate it. Gather all the girliest things you can find in the dollar bins of Target and have the best afternoon before the school brings you back to reality at 3pm.

Make The Party Easy to Throw

The last few times we’ve hard parties like this, we divy up who will bring what (decor, food, candy, snacks, champagne, flowers, balloons and more.) Anything we think we’re missing, we’ll kind of just put it out there, and see if someone can pick it up and if not, then we’ll move on. Sometimes we’ll even coordinate outfits. And then we set it all up.
Eat, drink, take photos, and few more photos and call it a day.

Making something like the super popular holiday themed charcuterie board doesn’t have to be perfect. Will someone on Pinterest make a better one than yours? Probably, but it’s better to do something, than to do nothing. All the girls brought some things to add, and it turned out so cute.

Have you ever thrown a Galentines party or ANY party just because for you and your gals? You don’t need a holiday to have one, host a wine night, chick flick movie night, dessert bake off. Any reason will do. Tell me in the comments below.