I’m from Texas, and in Texas people get dolled up for Easter. I’m not saying that doesn’t happen elsewhere, because I know it does. However, growing up in Texas Easter it was all about floral dresses, tights, and big hats. Little girls are definitely sleeping in curlers to get ready. Even though I no longer set my hair in rollers or wear tights frequently, I still love to get dressed up a little extra special for Easter.

The current events of 2020 and 2021, have made getting dressed up for ANYTHING slightly more difficult. Even last year with nowhere to go, I put on a dress, and we made homemade ravioli. I even put together an Easter egg hunt outside because life is what you make of it.

So, if you’ve got something special to do this year, I picked out some really cute Easter outfits ideas for you. And if you haven’t, I’ve got some special surprise photos for you at the bottom, if you scroll down. 😛

On Trend Easter Outfit Ideas for Her

easter outfit ideas for 2021

This super gorgeous blue look is Abercrombie (linked similar), Forever 21, and DSW. Or you can click here for all the details in one place via the liketoknow.it app.
Abercrombie blush easter outfit ideas for 2021

This ruffled (linked similar) look is from Abercrombie and DSW. Or check out the whole look here.

amazon floral top easter outfit ideas for 2021
This super casual floral look is perfect for anyone that’s not a fan of wearing dresses. Top is Amazon, or check the whole look here.

If you made it through my outfit ideas, I’m including a few last minute gems. A few photos from my Easters over the years. Two from my childhood, check out the dresses and ties we sported. One from last year, proof that I actually did wear a dress, and a few Easter favs from my boys from their toddler and preschool years!.