Calling all taco lovers. My youngest son has always LOVED tacos. Despite my best efforts, he declared Taco Bell his favorite restaurant at the age of 5. And that next year told us he wanted a Taco Bell party for his bday. It seemed funny at the time, but here we are a few years later, throwing him a taco themed party. I convinced him Taco Bell would likely be soggy if we tried to order from there, and he agreed that if we served tacos, he’d still be happy.

So, if you’re looking to throw a taco party, a traditional fiesta or you just love piñata fringe then this is the blog post for you. Thanks so much for checking out what I put together!

I actually had gotten balloons that said, “Taco Bout a Party“, but I didn’t read reviews ahead of time, and it was literally the WORSTTTTTT letter balloon set, I have ever bought. Letter balloons can always be temperamental, or a few deflate, but this entire set was a nightmare. Luckily, the word Taco made it. The R from party had a hole, or I would have at least gone for Taco Party. But setbacks are just a part of party prep, and we made the best of it.

Pinatas were also a huge part of the theme, we had two. One taco shaped one filled with fidget toys I grabbed from Amazon and one traditional donkey one filled with candy. So, we just leaned into the piñata fringe and exploding sprinkles theme for everything else, it was really fun!

birthday desserts

The sugar cookies were a semi cheat, (I had never done this before, but I was short on time, and will likely use moving forward). I actually use packaged sugar cookie dough (shhhhh), that I rolled out and then used a number 8 shaped cookie cutters on. I had to flour the surface heavily just like regular dough, but it’s definitely a hack worth a try if you’re baking in a pinch, or short on time like myself.

The cake was a lemon cake, with Swiss meringue buttercream I made myself. My icing didn’t set well, but there was no time to fix. Luckily it still tasted like magic. The cake topper is Amazon, along with the fringe plates pictured above. I wanted to do a piñata cake, where the sprinkles spill out, but my son, was like, wait you have to cut cake out of the middle to make it work, umm no. He thought there wouldn’t be enough cake. LOL! I love the minds of children.

taco bar

My taco fringed letters were a labor of love, but omg, I love them so bad, so I think it was worth it. I knew I was going to be decorating with the piñatas, and I knew our napkins and plates, had the fringe theme. So, I grabbed these Kraft paper letters at the craft store, and then covered them in tissue paper, and then fringed them. I wrapped the whole letter in the color that coordinated, but I only fringed the front, that could be seen. I love the handwoven fiesta table runner, that I grabbed off Amazon.

And my biggest party secret is to cover the tables in wrapping paper or Kraft paper, versus buying table cloths. Table cloths blow in the wind outside, tear easily, and don’t sit evenly, Kraft paper is the way to go!

I did a super simple drink set up with Sangria for the grown ups. Ironically only dads came to this party, so probably should have gone with Corona, but how could I have guessed that. The boys played a few rounds of “hot taco” aka hot potato, with the hilarious taco dog toy I found, along with some more traditional party games. We ended with water balloons and pool time. So, all in all, I would say it was the kind of party that you could TACO ABOUT. 🌮🌮

I know I’m terribly cheesy, I can’t help it.

plan your own taco party

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