I’m a huge proponent of giving gifts. It’s one of my favorite ways to express how I care about someone. I love listening to people talk about things they want and jotting down little notes. Or sometimes I just enjoy picking out something that I think they would love. But despite good intentions, sometimes you don’t know the right size, or shipping costs or delays just make it make more sense to get a non-physical item.

So, I’ve rounded up my favorite gift ideas that aren’t physical items below.

Streaming Services

  1. Audible: If you’re unfamiliar it’s an Amazon service, where you can listen to popular book titles, instead of reading them. I have used Audible on and off for about 4 years, and I absolutely love it. Listening to books while driving, showering, doing the dishes, allows you invest in yourself, without having to set aside dedicated time for reading.

I’ve also several times gifted one specific Audible title that I was enjoying to someone else. It’s the modern day way (in my opinion) to give a book, and I love it.

2. TV and Movie Streaming Services: Everyone has them, and nowadays, wanting to have all the different ones can rack up. So, if you’re wanting a friend or family member to watch a specific show with you, why don’t you give them a gift card to that specific show’s app. It seems like every network has a streaming app now, but my favorites are still:

– Netflix – there’s always something new coming to Netflix (Currently waiting on the Witcher, Emily in Paris and Virgin River)
Apple TV+ – If you haven’t watched Foundation, For All Mankind, or Mythic Quest, then you are missing out.
Disney+ – Disney movies, Marvel, Star Wars, need I say more? Best family option, if I could only pick one, in my opinion.

3. Streaming Services for music. Again, this is something we’re all already paying for, and I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t mind having that expense covered. This is especially a great option for teens and young adults, in my opinion.

Best options:
Apple Music: $9.99 a month of $14.99 a month for families, up to 6 users.
Spotify Premium $9.99 a month
Amazon Music Unlimited $7.99 a month

4. Game Streaming Services like Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch Online, Steam or even monthly extras for specific games like MineCraft Realms.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes: There are so many to choose from it’s insane, but this is definitely the type of thing that’s really fun to get for a gift, even if you just get a single box. I’ve picked some of the favorite ones I’ve tried, or heard great things about, but there are limitless options out there.

Fab Fit Fun– the ever popular box that mixes, beauty, home and fashion and more, and lets you customize
Sips By – Monthly Tea Subscription
Ipsy – 5 personalized beauty products every month
Sprezza Box – For men who love to have fun with fashion; get 5 items monthly
Just Fab or FabKids – fairly priced fashion subscriptions
Kiwi Crate is a super fun one for creative kids, that we’ve done a few times.
Bark Box – for the pups
Winc – monthly box for the wine lover

Crypto/ Stocks/ ETFs, and more

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, decentralized crypto currencies are the investments of the future, and there’s money to be made, making it the gift that keeps on giving. And there are definitely investments better than Bitcoin, the flagship coin known to many. I’m sharing some easy ways to give Crypto and Stocks as gifts below.

CoinBase : The most user friendly platform is Coinbase, it’s similar to Robin Hood for stocks. If you sign up with this link, you get $10 in free Bitcoin. Then all you have to do is have someone’s email address, to gift them Crypto. A great safe longer term investment choice is the up and coming coin Cardano, also known as ADA; Lite Coin which is like the little brother of BTC, is also a safe choice. Coinbase has little videos to teach you about how Crypto works, and you can earn free money just by watching. It’s super easy to gift or send in the CB app.

Voyager: If you’re already into Crypto investing, another great platform to gift someone Crypto is Voyager. The Voyager app is a little newer, but allows you to earn interest on almost any coin, if you hold enough of it. You can actually earn $25 in Bitcoin, by investing an initial $100 in the Voyager app by using that link. So, maybe I’m giving you a gift today!

ETF: An exchange traded fund is a little bundle of stocks safely pre-picked, websites like SparkGift make it easy to gift an ETF even in a small amount like $20. You can of course set up an account with Ameritrade, Fidelity or something else for more heavy investing, but SparkGift allows you to do it easily. Or you can gift a specific stock like Disney and have the paper receipt framed through sites like GiveAShare.

Crypto on Coinbase, a great gift idea for a non physical gift

Spa Services

This one’s for the girls. But for realllll, spa services are such a delight. I started getting laser hair removal this year, and I can’t rave enough, about how it’s worth every penny. For the last few years for my birthday I’ve asked for Botox, because I’m trying to stay wrinkle free here, and it’s a big investment, which means it goes into present territory. Whether it’s salon services, hair removal, Botox, manicures, pedicures, or more. Spa services are such a great investment in self care, and sure to please.

If you’re local to the Hampton Roads area, I can’t say enough good things about my hair stylist @misskwxo, and @voguelashesandspa where I’ve had my laser hair removal and ombre powder brows done OR Dr Denk’s office where I’ve had Botox, Jen the RN, there is a gem!

If you’re not local and thinking about gifting a spa service, you can use the SpaFinder app, and they also have gift cards, but a much better way to search in my opinion, is on Instagram using hashtags with your area code and the word hair or nails or brows, whatever you’re looking to have done (no space) between them. Find someone’s work who you love, send them a DM, and ask how to buy a gift card for someone.

And this one isn’t just for the girls. I’ve gifted hot shaves and haircuts to the guys in my life at luxury barber shops, and it’s sure to please!

Everything Else I Can Think Of

I’m rounding up the last of my gift ideas for non physical items. I hope this has been helpful to you, and if you have a great idea, of something similar, drop it in the comments below.

Movie Tickets

Touring Broadway Tickets

Memberships & Season Passes: to local theme parks, zoos, or specialty stops.
(Local Tip) Again, if you’re living in HRVA, and have kids, The Virginia Living Museum is a total gem, and their membership would make an AMAZING gift for families.

– Magazine Subscriptions: This one’s a little old school, but my kids get National Geographic Kids every month, from their grandparents, and it’s such a treat, since it comes every month, again a gift that lasts beyond the holidays.

This idea is especially great for grandkids, or kids in general; gifting an activity, as in, paying for a round of sessions or classes for a sport or activity, (or maybe even a week of summer camp). We’ve done Minecraft coding class, Lego building camps, sessions of gymnastics, and more.

-Amazon Prime or Walmart + Subscriptions or alternative grocery delivery services

Food Delivery Services: GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats and more

What’s your favorite membership/subscription/service style gift that you’ve ever been given?