Have you ever seen the meme. I used to think I was a Pinterest mom, but I’ve realized I’m more of an Amazon Prime mom? I definitely feel like almost every mom (or human) has felt this way at times. We want to do it all, but we just can’t. Sometimes all you need is a good hack to get you by.

Well today I am sharing one of my favorite cake hacks. It’s focused on Easter, because that’s the next upcoming holiday, but this one can def be used for a birthday, Christmas, Valentines, just because, or anytime. And it’s a good one, so you’re gonna want to save this. So, without further ado, my easy Easter cake idea…

Easy Easter Cake Idea

easter cake decor

So, you start with a plain white cake from the bakery section in your local grocery chain. I was at Harris Teeter, and asked if they had any undecorated cakes. She gave me this smaller one, but I think they may have a selection of sizes, if you’re at a store with a full scale bakery. They pulled it out of the freezer, when they gave it to me, and it had an expiration date of a month later, so you could definitely grab this ahead of time.

Then you’re going to grab a small tube of frosting, and whatever decor you’d like. I had seen this die cut sugar carrot candies a few weeks back and picked them up, but jelly beans, mini Cadbury eggs, tiny flowers, lots of other things would have worked equally great.

Now to Decorate

This is going to be so simple, it’s ridiculous. You’re just going to apply a little dab of frosting to whatever candies or decor you choose, and apply them to your liking, it can be random, angled like mine, it could be in a colored pattern, ombre pattern, whatever you like.

I just pressed in with a tiny bit of pressure to make it stick, none of my candies slid, but I guess they could depending on the weight, if that was the case, then add more icing, or place in the fridge to help it set. My cake was cold when I started, so that may help, as well.

Then voila, you’re done. Like I said this is so easy, and really allows you to personalize a cake, without the work of baking it very scratch. And while I have made MANY A CAKE from scratch, this was honestly so delicious, and just made it feel way more attainable. You can wow any party or event, and you don’t even have to tell them that you didn’t bake it.

My kids thoroughly enjoyed this cake. And if you make one, I hope you do too. Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

I have a video tutorial on Instagram, that you can check out right here.