Its mid August and spooky season is everywhere in the stores. It’s making me long for cooler weather, fall decor and Halloween goodies. 

Growing up I did not celebrate Halloween at all. I know that’s crazy if you’re from a Halloween family, but it’s true.
After having my own kids, I started doing costumes and pumpkin carving, but that was the extent of my involvement. But as my kids have started to get older, spooky season has become something we all enjoy together. 

Harry Potter Season

We just started the Harry Potter series again, something we’ve done each fall for the last few years, watching one movie a week leading up to Halloween. Last year I shared my fav low carb butter beer recipe, that could also be easily modified for a traditional recipe. Or click here to see all the details for the Harry Potter themed party I threw a few years ago.

Last year was so fun, because I made a ton of spooky season baked goods. The candy eyeballs are perfect if you’re looking for spooky season ideas.

Last Year’s Spooky Season Baked Goods

I’m not sure what baked goods I’ll be making this year, but I’m already starting to research some spooky season ideas and come up with some of my own fun recipes too. You can see the videos tutorials for my snack board and monster cake by clicking those highlight links

Family Costume Ideas

I’ve been trying to decide on our costumes for this year. Which is definitely one of the best parts of Halloween, but also one of the most expensive if you go all out. What’s the most fun costume idea you’ve done with your family? Do you buy costumes or try to DIY? Tell me the in the comments below. I definitely think the year we did the tooth fairy and teeth was a fav. But also Draco and Malfoy will forever be a fav.

Spooky Season Home Decor

Last year I had so much decorating my mantle and gathering spooky season books for my kids for their book shelves. This year I’m wanting to incorporate more pink for spooky season. I’ve been seeing pink Halloween in the stores everywhere. Click here to see the TikTok video of all the pink and pastel goodies I saw at Michaels.

This year I definitely want to decorate more of my house for spooky season, but also don’t want to go crazy, or do I? 😏😏😏