I’m a huge breakfast person and I LOVE a savory meal, especially when it is easy, satisfying and fun! You probably have a sugary holiday breakfast tradition, but my savory Christmas tree egg in a hole is the perfect alternative. Packed with protein and fun, my holiday egg and toast recipe is a great option for a lazy winter morning.

I also love breakfast for dinner, and this recipe is great for both! It is so easy and fun to use holiday shaped cookie cutters to turn this breakfast classic into a holiday breakfast tradition. This recipe is packed full of fun, is quick and easy to prepare and even easier to clean up.


Cut out the middle of each slice of bread using a holiday shaped cookie cutter. Next, I add butter and heat on medium high until melted. Place the bread in the pan and crack an egg in each of the cookie cutter holes. Cook until the egg is set on one side, then flip the bread until the egg is done and the bread is a toasty. You can even scramble the egg in the hole if you love scrambled eggs! Next, grill the cutouts in butter until browned on both sides.

I used a Christmas tree shape but a gingerbread man or Christmas bell would be cute! Make it extra special by using an assortment of Christmas shapes. I usually add a few sides of bacon, then dig in, but don’t forget to use the Christmas tree cutouts to scoop up the egg or spread with strawberry preserves.

What You’ll Need:

Eggs (I prefer to use Egglands Best Eggs for those Omegas!)
Butter or Butter flavored non-stick cooking spray
Your Favorite Bread
Jelly or preserves for the Christmas toast cutout pieces

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Tell me below, what’s your go to Christmas morning meal?