Hey guys! If you’re like me, you’re ready for spring, right? Well, I’ve DEFINITELY been awaiting the spring flowers, spring showers and sunshine! Since last year I’ve been thinking about creating this DIY spring flower wall. Now I’m wondering why I didn’t do it SOONER?! And, it’s super easy, and totally refreshes and brightens any space for spring vibes. You will certainly enjoy a tiny boost of serotonin with this budget DIY project. And better yet, you can complete it in a snap! I love all the spring flowers in bloom and this craft idea is so fun and inexpensive. This DIY flower project will bring some outdoor sunshine into your home for you, your friends and your family to enjoy! I’m sending spring vibes your way!

Directions/What you’ll need for your DIY Spring Flower Wall:

  1. For a super low cost DIY spring flower wall, check around your house for any faux spring flowers. If not, pick up some cute inexpensive bunches from Walmart, the Target dollar bin or your local store. I purchased a mix of cheaper fake flowers from Walmart, Michaels and a few higher quality ones from Pottery Barn.

    Check out these pink and burgundy faux flowers and soft orange bouquet from Walmart.
    Peonies, Hydrangeas and Buttercups from Michaels
    Peonies and Ranunculas from Pottery Barn
  2. Next, grab your handy wire cutters and cut the flowers in to single stems. Also, if you don’t want to ruin your good scissors, these floral craft wire cutters are handy to have for all your DIY crafts.
  3. Then, using gaffer tape or a similar wall tape, arrange the flowers any way you please. You can also use a tape that color coordinates with your decor or go bold and fun with gold sparkle tape.
  4. Now, step back and enjoy your DIY spring flower wall!

I wanted my outfit to match my spring mood, so I picked up this adorable puff sleeve dress from Target, similar Amazon.

Spring Dress

Happy Spring and let me know if you jump on board and create your own spring flower wall!

Update: the tape you use really matters. I didn’t start with Gaffer tape (similar to duct tape, but for theatrical purposes), and some of my flowers were falling down when the room would get warm in the afternoon. This room is technically a modified sun room, and I live in a VERY swampy area, so others may not have that issue. But just wanted to make sure, you were using the proper materials.