July 4th is upon us. There are so many BBQs and fun get togethers that would be perfect for this patriotic veggie platter! Whether on the patio or by the pool, this flag shaped veggie platter will always be a hit! For me, I was lucky to snag this cute little flag shaped tray in the dollar bin at Target. So, keep your eyes peeled year around for little gems like this platter that you can use for next year’s summer parties, but any cutting board or tray will do the trick as well. The veggie choices are yours, so let’s get started!

If this isn’t the idea you’re looking for, you can check out my Patriotic Food Round Up blog from last year, right –> here.

What You’ll Need:

Veggie platter or cutting board
Cauliflower- cut into bite-size pieces, jicama or any white veggie will work great too!
Small cherry tomatoes, whole or halved
Red peppers cut into strips
Blueberries (or blue veggies, see note below)
Thick sliced monterey Jack or provolone cheese
Mini star cookie cutters (from Amazon)
Optional: Blue Chip corn tortilla chips

This fresh veggie platter is a great way to sneak in some healthier food options at your next barbecue. Now, let’s begin assembly for your patriotic veggie tray! If you have a tray with a flag design imprinted, you can easily follow the pattern with your vegetables. Or, if you are using your own clear or white tray, then lay out and arrange the vegetables/blueberries to make the image of the American flag. Once the veggies are cut and assembled, use your mini star cutter to create adorable cheese bites to represent the 50 stars on the flag. To finish, sprinkle the cheese stars over the blueberries to finish the platter!

Cover tightly with Saran Wrap until ready to serve! 

**Alternate ideas for the blue snack choices are blue tortilla chips, fried blue potatoes, blue tomatoes, purple carrots if you only want to serve veggies. If you are using tortilla chips, add them at the last minute and then sprinkle the cheese stars just before serving.**

Ranch and veggie tray

Grab some delicious ranch dressing for dipping and go enjoy your summer holiday with this awesome patriotic veggie platter!

Check out my full tutorial on my Instagram account.