It’s Amazon Prime Day, so it seemed like a fitting time to share with you my top Amazon purchases of all time. Some of these are things that you can only find on Amazon, and others I’ve just chosen to purchase from Amazon because of convenience and price.

There are some people who get Amazon packages everyday, and to be honest I’m not one of them. I’m really cautious with how I spend my money. Being intentional to get the best deal, and typically only buy things I need. So, when I recommend these items, you can know that it’s coming from a trusted source.

Smart Home Purchases

I have a very smart home, and can’t recommend it enough. We all have enough things to worry about. I don’t need to be remembering to turn off the bathroom lights, lock the door, or turn the thermostat up when I’m gone. Automations can do all those things for me. These are my top smart home purchases from Amazon

August Lock and Smart KeyPad -30% off today

EcoBee Smart Thermostat (I have the lite version, but splurge for the full option if you can, you do need the sensors for it to save you money.) Also, my electric company gave me a percent off for having this. So, check.

Husqvarna Automower 430XH Robotic Lawn Mower – this is 30% off. This is a huge investment, that’s worth it 100 times over.

Smart homes require A LOT of set up, upfront, that can save you hundreds of hours in the future. I know it’s not for everyone, but if you can figure it out. I recommend it over and over again.

Tech Purchases

I invest in tech, as gifts for my children and items for myself (mostly for work), because I think it’s generally a better return than a cheaper item that will get less use or break sooner.

Beats or AirPods Pro – my kids have beats, because it stops me from having to hear their games and shows. They can also connect to our Apple TV, when my kids are watching a show and I’m on a call or working. And it protects their hearing over less quality based brands. (price is 50% off from when I purchased these)

All things Apple. I’m a huge Apple advocate because they protect the privacy and security of the user over all other brands. I have a lot of Apple products and recommend them all. If you’re shopping Apple Watch (get the one with health options – version 8 has sleeping data and cycle data.) HomePod because it doesn’t listen to you all the time, without your consent. And I’m sharing a photo above of the Apple Polishing cloth, because it’s the only thing that will get my screen clean. Makeup and oils on everything… anyone else have this issue?

The Steam Deck – it’s a portable gaming device with PS5 level graphics. I’m a fan, because my kids love their Switches, but they are starting to get a bit older and the Steam Deck, has INSANE sales on their games multiple times a year, down to like $10, which a lot of other devices do not. (only 7% off, but check Black Friday, if you’re thinking Xmas)

Home Purchases

This section could get long, so I’m going to share my top favs. In FULL TRANSPARENCY – most of my home purchases I bought solely because they were AFFORDABLE (aka cheap to me) and the aesthetic is what I wanted, but the ones I’m sharing are ones that have held up and that I’d recommend.

Faux Marble Coffee Table (It says 50% off, but I paid about the same 2 years ago, maybe I got it during prime tbh)

Turquoise High Back Arm Chair – it says 16% off and this is less than I paid 2 years ago.

Gold Hardware for my Kitchen (handle and knob) – I redid my kitchen last year, and gave it a facelift by painting the cabinets, replacing the hardware, and swapping to stainless steel appliances and I’m in love with the result. I bought several different samples, but landed on these. ( and they are both 20% off today)

Dyson Air Purifier – I know purchasing name brand products are a luxury, but again, I typically save and invest, because they last longer and work better. This was such a blessing to have during the fires last month. (on sale 23% off), but if you’re looking for a budget option that’s smart, and works with HomeKit/Alexa, I’ve used this one too, typically $100, but 15% off.

Caraway Cookware – I have been an affiliate for Caraway for a few years now, and typically have a coupon code for them, but now you can get their items on Amazon, and today they are 20% off, which is their lowest price.

Tencel Sheets – My oldest has a dust allergy and tencel (a fabric made from eucalyptus fiber is supposed to be allergy friendly), so I made the switch. I paid at least 25% more for the sheets that I have, that are on sale today.

Other small Amazon home items, I love…
Gold Oil Bottles
Under Counter Paper Towel Hook
Battery Operated Gold Art Light – not on sale, but I love it, LOL

Toys and Random Purchases

Water balloons (45% 0ff)
Air Tent (20% off)
Gravitrax and accessories (main set is only 20% off, but one is on deal)
Squishy (72 pack) – these have endured hourssss of fun for my kids (20% off)
Garmin Vivo Fit – Check my gift guides, I recommend these every year, battery lasts for years, helps kids be aware of their steps, sets timers, has an app and more (20% off)
Sol Janeiro Deodorant ( I swapped to this 3 months ago and I’m so obsessed) and it’s on deal!

If you found value in these suggestions, please know I have an Amazon storefront, that I regularly update with things I find on Amazon, that I’d love to purchase or have purchased.


What do you think about my top Amazon purchases of all time? What’s one of your favorite purchases? Tell me in the comments below.