Hallmark we’ve found your next movie spot

I grew up in Texas. There’s not snow. There’s not people falling in love around fireplaces. Homes don’t even have fire places. But since moving to Virginia, I am constantly stunned at how all these old charming cities, just feel like you’re on location for a Hallmark movie, and Bath County does not disappoint.

Where is Bath Country, Virginia?

Bath County is set in the Allegheny Mountains. Just southwest of Shenandoah National Park, right near the state line of West Virginia, and just minutes from the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. Yes, George Washington as in our first president. Bath County became famous with the first and third presidents when they discovered the healing waters of the warm springs locally. The warm springs are still a huge draw for tourists. And there are many ways to take part in your own dip in the healing springs.

But let’s get back to the Hallmark movie plot. Christmas in Bath County is like being in a Hallmark movie, because everything in this area is either

A. historical “aka” old-timey charm
B. beautiful or breathtaking
or C. covered in snow, and let’s be honest, those criteria might be the outline for a good winter Hallmark movie.

First Stop: The Inn at Gristmill Square

This wasn’t my first visit to The Inn at Gristmill Square , though it was definitely more charming at Christmastime. Gorgeous inns peppered throughout this area of Warm Springs right near the Bath Historical Museum. The Inn at Gristmill is a perfect place to stay in Bath County. And of course Bed and Breakfasts scream Hallmark movie, and these ones are so cute. They have a gorgeous onsite gourmet restaurant, the Waterwheel Restaurant. Or there is breakfast that is brought directly to your room in the mornings.

Next Up: Lunch at Milk House Market at Old Dairy

If you’re a millennial like me, you’re probably going to be on the hunt for coffee. Milk House Market is where you’re going to want to end up next. Built off an old Dairy Farm, there’s a charming little cafe with sandwiches, salads, fresh baked good and lots and lots of coffee.

Driving around town is filled with winding mountainous roads, old houses and estates. Places that still have that old time charm. That charm that we’ve sadly lost in the last 100 hundred years in most places.

The Gorgeous Views of Bath County

Following along with our Hallmark outline of what makes up the qualifications for a Hallmark movie backdrop, gorgeous views are a must, and there are lookout points all over this area to catch the breathtaking mountain views.

In the midst of exploring, we went and visited a few look out points including the George Washington and Jefferson National Park, Falling Springs Falls and more. There are an endless amount of waterfalls nearby, and warm and hot springs all throughout the area, it’s really beautiful.

Just like any good Hallmark movie, there are not only charming Bed and Breakfasts scattered about, but that one beautiful resort (that just happens to be in the same town), where all the Christmas festivities take place, and Bath County is no exception.

America’s First Resort

The Omni Homestead “America’s First Resort” is set against the backdrop of the mountains and waterfalls of Bath County. Dating back to the days of George Washington and Jefferson, the original resort was built in 1766, and retains all of its original charm.

Altogether, if I haven’t yet convinced you that Bath County is essentially the perfect backdrop for a Hallmark movie, then I’m pretty sure nothing will, except a visit. So, if you’re looking for a charming remote place to spend the Christmas season with those you love. And you happen to be near the East Coast, consider giving this area a try, you won’t be disappointed. Read more about my love for the Omni Homestead and the Bath County area at those links right there.