Ok, so as promised here are a few photos from the ever crazy wedding of our amazing friends Justin and Meghan. I will give you just a few photos that I think best sum up everything that happened.

A picture before it all started with friends. Looking so fancy!

The gorgeous ceremony

All the San Diego Coast Guard guys with Meghan.

Right when we walked into the reception.

Our table.

And this is our gold plated place setting

And of course this is the after party. With the hot pink lights, separate room, more food, waterfall and DJ. Not sure what the guys were laughing about.

Oh and did I mention we ate lobster and filet mignon? And that was like our 5th course? I didn’t take pics of the food, cause I didn’t want to seem too HillBilly. 🙂
And the last thing I leave you with, is the CRAZY, AMAZING cover band that played
for 3 hours. At the end of the video I am talking to my best friend, Britt cause I took the video for her. 🙂 What a great night!